Global Fund Moves to a System of Annual Disbursement Decisions and Semi-Annual Reporting for Grants

23 Mar 2013

From now on, annual disbursement decisions and semi-annual reporting will be adopted for all Global Fund grants. The only exception will be for grants whose risk profile requires shorter disbursement decisions or more frequent reporting.

These are part of the changes introduced in February 2013 as part of the Global Fund’s Better Grants for Improved Impact Project.


Funding Approved for Phase 2 of HIV Grant in Bosnia and Hercegovina

22 Mar 2013
Greater focus on high-impact interventions and most-at-risk populations
Increased attention to human rights issues

The Global Fund Board has approved Phase 2 funding for a Round 9 HIV grant in Bosnia and Hercegovina in the amount of $13.5 million. The principal recipient (PR) for the grant is the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). UNDP is also PR for another HIV grant, which has been essentially completed, and for a TB grant in Bosnia and Hercegovina.


Aidspan Paper Examines How the Global Fund Calculates Lives Saved

5 Nov 2012
Implications for policies and programmes discussed

Aidspan has published a paper critiquing the way in which the Global Fund quantifies lives saved through programmes that it supports. The paper was prepared by Dr David McCoy, a public health physician and senior clinical lecturer at Queen Mary University London, and Nele Jensen, a physician.


Results Report Highlights Achievements of Programmes Supported by the Global Fund

27 Sep 2012

The Global Fund has released its results report for 2012, entitled “Strategic Investments for Impact.” The 94-page report provides comprehensive information on the achievements of programmes supported by the Global Fund through June 2012, and discusses some of the strategic issues the Fund is currently addressing.


OIG Releases Report on Diagnostic Review for Peru Grants

18 Sep 2012
The government’s takeover of Global Fund Programmes praised, but some weaknesses in grant management identified
Report identifies good practices that could assist other countries receiving Global Fund support

The government of Peru has taken up funding for many activities that were initiated with Global Fund support over the past eight years and has achieved considerable success in the fight against the three diseases. This was one of the conclusions of a diagnostic review of Global Fund grants to Peru conducted by the Office of Inspector General.


Aidspan Reviews an Academic Study on the Effect of Investment in Malaria Control on Child Mortality

20 Sep 2011

A new publication from Aidspan, by Dr David McCoy, reviews a published academic study on the impact of Global Fund grants for malaria prevention.


Global Fund Releases New Performance Data

14 Jun 2010

As of June 2010, 5.7 million lives have been saved as a result of programmes supported by the Global Fund, according to estimates recently released by the Fund. The Global Fund calculates that this means that another 4,000 deaths are averted every day.


Global Funds Seeks $17-20 Billion from Donors for 2011-2013

18 Mar 2010

Mother-to-child HIV transmission may be eliminated by 2015; malaria may be eliminated as a public health problem within a decade; TB prevalence could be halved by 2015. However, these health targets can only be achieved if current rates of scaling up expenditure on the three diseases are maintained and, ideally, further accelerated.


Report Reveals Significant Increase in Impact of Programmes Supported by the Global Fund

18 Mar 2010

Every day, programmes supported by the Global Fund save at least 3,600 lives, and there has been a dramatic increase in the volume of services delivered. These are two of the highlights of "The Global Fund 2010: Innovation and Impact," a report on results achieved which was released by the Global Fund on 8 March 2010.