Replenishment round-up: Advocacy efforts intensify

2 Aug 2016
How much will the U.K. pledge after Brexit and the change of government?

The Global Fund’s replenishment campaign received a critical advocacy boost in Durban at the 21st International Congress on AIDS with several high-profile side events and the release of the Global Fund Advocates Network’s (GFAN) Cost of Inaction 2016  Report (see GFO article in this issue).


Report calls for a fully funded Global Fund and a focus on the leadership of networks of key populations

18 Jul 2016
Report builds on advocacy brief released earlier

To achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) requires not only a fully funded Global Fund, but also an approach that focuses strongly on the leadership of networks of key and vulnerable populations to deliver results.


Tracking Global Fund investments in human rights programs

13 Jul 2016

In a recent GFO commentary, Ralf Jürgens, Senior Human Rights Coordinator at the Global Fund, flagged the need for increased Global Fund investment in programs which reduce human rights barriers to HIV, TB, and malaria services.

Создан совет по политическим, консультативным и адвокационным вопросам с целью содействия СКК Грузии на переходный период

27 Jun 2016
Совет в настоящее время рассматривает первую намётку проекта плана по переходу

В марте 2016 года страновой координационный механизм Грузии учредил совет по политическим, консультативным и адвокационным вопросам (СПКА), с целью содействия СКК при переходе программ по

ТБ и ВИЧ от Глобального Фонда к внутренним ресурсам. Круг полномочий СПКА, включая его роль, состав и обязанности членов, был одобрен общим собранием СКК.

Конкретные обязанности СПКА заключаются в следующем:


Policy, advisory, and advocacy council established to assist Georgia CCM with its transition

20 Jun 2016
The council is now reviewing the first outline of a transition plan

In March 2016, Georgia’s country coordinating mechanism established a policy, advisory, and advocacy council (PAAC) to assist the CCM with the transition of TB and HIV programs from The Global Fund to domestic resources. The terms of the reference of the PAAC, including its role, composition, and members’ responsibilities, were approved by the general assembly of the CCM. 

The specific responsibilities of the PAAC are as follows:


Replenishment round-up: New pledges from Japan and New Zealand

7 Jun 2016
Events scheduled for the High Level Meeting on Ending AIDS

The Global Fund’s replenishment campaign cranked up a notch in May with the announcement by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe of Japan of a USD 800 million pledge to The Global Fund’s Fifth Replenishment ahead of G7 Summit which was held on 26–27 May in Japan.

Новая Национальная Платформа по Наркополитике в Грузии будет способствовать диалогу, а также адвокации

25 May 2016

В конце апреля, в Грузии, Грузинской Группой Сообществ Потребителей Наркотиков (GeNPUD) была создана Национальная Платформа по Наркополитике. Платформа объединяет 33 субъектов, представляющих НПО, предоставляющих сервисы, другие организации гражданского общества, союзы, исследовательские организаций и общинные группы ЛПИН.

GeNPUDявляется сетью организаций людей, потребляющих иньекционные наркотики (ЛПИН).


In Georgia, the new National Platform for Drug Policy will promote dialogue as well as advocacy

22 May 2016

In Georgia, at the end of April, the Georgian Drug Users Community Group (GeNPUD) established a National Platform for Drug Policy. The platform brings together 33 entities representing NGOs providing services, other civil society organizations, unions, research organizations, and drug user community groups.

GeNPUD is a network of organizations of people who use drugs.


EC’s pledge of € 470 million represents a strong start to The Global Fund’s replenishment campaign

21 Mar 2016
Advocates meet in Amsterdam to strategize for the replenishment

The European Commission is pledging € 470 million to The Global Fund for 2017-2019, an increase of € 100 million, or 27%, over the EC’s pledge for 2014-2016.


Among second batch of regional concept notes, a community approach to treatment access in West Africa

7 Dec 2015
Regional treatment observatory envisaged

While the world celebrates the recently announced achievement of 15.8 million people on antiretroviral therapy, this progress has not been evenly felt. In April 2015, the International Treatment Preparedness Coalition – West Africa (ITPC-WA) submitted an expression of interest for a regional concept note which seeks to address disproportionally low treatment access in West Africa (Figure 1).