Global Fund’s new HIV and TB multicountry grants in Eastern Europe and Central Asia begin implementation

26 Feb 2019
Applicants express concern over newly competitive application process

The Global Fund Board has recently approved several multicountry grants, whose aim is to address priorities “deemed critical to fulfil the aims of the Global Fund 2017-2022 strategy,” and to address needs that are not being fulfilled by national (single country) allocations.


OIG investigation reveals deficiencies in Global Fund processes for procurement of HIV rapid test kits in eight countries

3 Sep 2018
Country teams have already taken corrective action

A proactive investigation undertaken by the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) has identified some deficiencies in the Global Fund’s processes for procuring HIV rapid diagnostic test (RDT) kits. A report on the investigation was released on 31 May 2018.


Georgia develops 5-year plan for transitioning from Global Fund support

8 Aug 2017
The country assumes that the Fund will pull out entirely by 2022
Plan does not specify which services the government is taking over or when

Georgia has developed a transition plan in response to gradual reductions over the years to its allocations from the Global Fund. The goal of the Georgia Transition Plan is to ensure a smooth transitioning to full domestic funding of the HIV and TB programs by 2022 without compromising services. However, the plan does not specify which services the government is taking over or when.


A comparative study of opioid substitution therapy protocols will contribute to the sustainability of harm reduction in the Eastern Europe and Central Asia region

19 Dec 2016
Eurasian Harm Reduction Network-EHRN provides evidence and instruments for optimising national harm reduction programs

The new methodology for the funding allocations and consequent gradual decrease of GF financing for the Eastern Europe and Central Asia (EECA) countries puts at special risk the operations of harm reduction services, which were, traditionally, largely supported by the GF.


Адвокация по потреблению наркотиков в Грузии: аргументы общественного здравоохранения и программ снижения вреда могут привести к лучшим результатам

5 Oct 2016

Согласно статье, опубликованной в журнале BioMedCentral, подход к незаконному потреблению наркотиков в Грузии с середины 2000-х годов был в равной степени репрессивным и неэффективным. Статья была основана на исследовании, проведенном группой экспертов НПО Альтернатива Грузия, включая масштабный обзор литературы, а также законодательной и юридической практики в период с 2002 по 2014 гг.


Advocacy on drug use in Georgia: Public health and harm reduction arguments may produce better results

17 Sep 2016

According to an article in the journal BioMed Central, the approach to the illicit use of drugs in Georgia since the mid-2000s has been both repressive and ineffective.

Новая Национальная Платформа по Наркополитике в Грузии будет способствовать диалогу, а также адвокации

25 May 2016

В конце апреля, в Грузии, Грузинской Группой Сообществ Потребителей Наркотиков (GeNPUD) была создана Национальная Платформа по Наркополитике. Платформа объединяет 33 субъектов, представляющих НПО, предоставляющих сервисы, другие организации гражданского общества, союзы, исследовательские организаций и общинные группы ЛПИН.

GeNPUDявляется сетью организаций людей, потребляющих иньекционные наркотики (ЛПИН).


In Georgia, the new National Platform for Drug Policy will promote dialogue as well as advocacy

22 May 2016

In Georgia, at the end of April, the Georgian Drug Users Community Group (GeNPUD) established a National Platform for Drug Policy. The platform brings together 33 entities representing NGOs providing services, other civil society organizations, unions, research organizations, and drug user community groups.

GeNPUD is a network of organizations of people who use drugs.


Georgian concept note priorities reflect national strategies, WHO says

17 Jul 2015
More must be done to improve case detection rates in both HIV and TB in order to improve health outcomes

Georgia’s concept notes for both HIV and TB are closely reflecting the priorities identified in their national strategic plans, a recent WHO evaluation has found, but must ensure that more interventions focus on improving case detection rates for the two diseases.

СКК Грузии продвигает вперед концептуальные заявки по ТБ и ВИЧ

19 Mar 2015
Форум гражданского общества и консультативные рабочие встречи заинтересованных сторон оказали помошь при идентификации приоритетных направлений

Грузия планирует представить свою концептуальную заявку по ВИЧ 20 апреля, в 6-ом регистрационном окне, а концептуальную заявку по ТБ 15 июля, в 7-ом регистрационном окне.