Ugandan Official Inquiry Condemns Minister

29 Jun 2006

A Ugandan Presidential commission of inquiry into misuse of Global Fund money has concluded that the man who has just been replaced as Uganda's Minister of Health, Maj. Gen.


Global Fund Suspension of Uganda Grants Leads to Nationwide Coverage

7 Sep 2005

The dominant story in the Ugandan media during the past two weeks has been the Global Fund's decision to temporarily suspend its grants to that country. As reported in the last issue of GFO, the suspension took place after a report by a "whistleblower" caused the Fund to commission an investigation by PricewaterhouseCoopers, the Local Fund Agent (LFA).


Global Fund Suspends All Uganda Grants

24 Aug 2005

The Global Fund announced today that it has temporarily suspended all five of its grants to Uganda, after learning of "serious mismanagement of the grants" by the unit within the Ministry of Health that was set up to administer them.


Lessons From the Uganda Experience

24 Aug 2005

I would not want Brad Herbert's job.

He and his team of a few dozen people at the Global Fund have to negotiate hundreds of grant agreements, disburse billions of dollars, and then attempt to ensure that the grants deliver the promised results with no inappropriate diversions of money.


Uganda Reverses its Position Regarding Global Fund Grant

18 Feb 2003

[In Issue 2 of the GFO Newsletter (www.aidspan.org/gfo/archives/newsletter/issue2.htm), GFO reported that the Ugandan Ministry of Finance had ruled that an approved $52 million Global Fund grant from Round 1 will not be allowed to lead to an increase in Uganda's health expenditure.


Global Fund Chair Kiyonga declines to stand for re-election tomorrow

28 Jan 2003

Dr. Chrispus Kiyonga, Chair of the Global Fund's Board, announced today, Tuesday, that he will not stand for re-election tomorrow.


Tanzania and Uganda - Unanticipated Headaches

10 Jan 2003

The Global Fund encountered unexpected difficulties in recent dealings with Tanzania and Uganda. These may just involve bureaucratic teething problems, or they may provide early warnings of problems that will also arise with other countries.