Fund addresses shortages of ARVs in Uganda

20 Feb 2016
A full-year’s supply is being front-loaded

In January, in response to a shortage of antiretrovirals in Uganda, The Global Fund Secretariat arranged to procure a supply of the drugs. In addition, as a precautionary measure, the Secretariat is providing Uganda with a full year’s supply of drugs, the first batch of which is expected to arrive in March. This comes as a relief to the 241,000 Ugandans who are receiving ARVs purchased with money from The Global Fund.


Uganda acrimony over CCM vote ends with agreement on direct representation

12 Feb 2015
Key population representative will join the CCM

A contentious election over representation by key populations on Uganda's country coordinating mechanism ended on 12 February with an amicable resolution that activists in Kampala say will help to ensure Global Fund-supported activities are more effectively targeted towards the people who need them most.


Aidspan conducts survey of East African sub- and sub-sub recipients of Global Fund grants

18 Sep 2014
Despite a low response rate, the survey showed a diverse mix of experiences with Fund processes and principal recipients

Aidspan has released a brief analysis of a survey conducted of sub- and sub-sub recipients of Global Fund grants in four East Africa countries: Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda. All four countries are classified by the Grants Management unit as High Impact Africa 1 countries.


Global Fund expresses “deep concern” about new anti-gay law in Uganda

28 Feb 2014
Implications for public health ‘grave’ – increase in transmission likely

The Global Fund has expressed “deep concern” about a law signed by Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni that imposes jail terms of up to seven years for those who ‘aid or abet’ homosexual relations, which could implicate health workers providing services and counseling to people living with HIV.


Anti-gay bill in Uganda could have disastrous public health implications

18 Feb 2014
Bill would exacerbate stigma, exclusion and increase risk of HIV infection, activists and researchers warn

Public health program managers and activists, many of whom receive support from the Global Fund, have warned of potentially catastrophic consequences for reducing Uganda's HIV infection rate should President Yoweri Museveni follow through on a plan announced on 14 February to sign into law a repressive bill effectively banning homosexuality.


First NFM Regional Meeting Draws Questions and Concerns from High Impact Africa 2 Countries

26 Nov 2013
Participants leave Lusaka with more guidance on the new funding model, but concerns linger about the roll out
Representatives from all seven countries in the Global Fund's High Impact Africa 2 cohort plus South Africa met for two days in November to understand the nuances and idiosyncracies of the new funding model roll-out ahead of its launch in 2014.

OIG Reports Progress in the Uganda Fraud Case

27 May 2010

The Office of the Inspector General (OIG) says that "marked progress" has been made in the past year in the systemic fraud case involving Global Fund and other grants in Uganda. (See Issue 113, at www.aidspan.org/gfo, for GFO's most recent coverage on this case.)


Global Fund Nervously Agrees to Use Same PR in Uganda, Despite Problems

18 Dec 2009

A review by the Global Fund's Inspector General of the Fund's grants to Uganda, four years after the Fund temporarily suspended five grants worth $213 million due to financial mismanagement, has concluded that the Fund should continue to use Uganda's Ministry of Financial Planning and Economic Development (MoFPED) as Principal Recipient (PR).


Uganda Government Revives Prosecutions Over Theft of Global Fund Money

26 Jun 2008

The government of Uganda has agreed, after a two-year delay, to start seeking prosecutions of numerous people, including former government ministers, who were involved in stealing Global Fund money. The decision to unblock the stalled prosecutions came as a result of pressure from donor governments.


Global Fund Terminates Two Grants to Uganda

10 Mar 2007

The Global Fund has permanently terminated two grants to Uganda because of unsatisfactory performance. The grants were a Round 2 malaria grant and a Round 2 TB grant. Uganda will lose about $16 million as a result of this action.

This is the second time that the Fund has taken action regarding these grants. In 2005, the Fund temporarily suspended all of Uganda's grants while problems with financial management were investigated.