Five G7 countries have increased their pledges for 2020-2022 compared to last Replenishment, with United States and France still to announce

24 Sep 2019
G7 countries’ contributions to Global Fund have grown steadily since Fund’s inception

As the Global Fund approaches the replenishment of funds for the next implementation period, 2020 to 2022, some of its traditional major donors have already announced their pledges.


Update on Global Fund resource mobilization: lessons learned from Fifth Replenishment, early outlook for Sixth

12 Dec 2017
The Fund faces a tough global development environment going into its next replenishment drive

Liste complète des promesses de dons pour 2017-2019 maintenant disponible

9 Nov 2016
Le Fonds mondial explique comment il convertit les contributions en dollars américains

Le Fonds mondial a publié la liste finale des promesses de dons faite à la cinquième Conférence de reconstitution qui s’est tenue à Montréal, au Canada, les 16-17 septembre 2016.


Full list of pledges for 2017-2019 now available

4 Oct 2016
The Fund explains how it converts pledges to U.S. dollars

The Global Fund has released a final list of pledges made up and at the Fifth Replenishment Conference in Montreal, Canada on 16-17 September 2016. The list is available in English in PDF format here


Donor funding for HIV declines for the first time in five years: report

20 Jul 2016

Funding for HIV from donor governments decreased in 2015, by more than $1 billion, compared to 2014, according to a report just released by the Kaiser Foundation and UNAIDS. The report said that funding declined in 13 of 14 donor governments assessed.