Global Fund Networking Zone at AIDS 2018 shines a spotlight on community engagement

30 Jul 2018
Global Village networking zone hosted by six regional platforms for coordination and communication

The Global Fund’s six regional Community, Rights and Gender (CRG) platforms came together at the 22nd International AIDS Conference (AIDS 2018) to host the Global Fund Community Zone in the Global Village.


Civil society organizations gather in Ghana to increase engagement in Global Fund programs

12 Jun 2018
Health advocates from across Africa share experiences, build capacity, and strategize on how to respond to HIV, TB and malaria

A two-day meeting attended by civil society and community advocates, the Global Fund, technical partners and state representatives has equipped participants to more meaningfully engage in the implementation of Global Fund grants in the African region.

Новая Национальная Платформа по Наркополитике в Грузии будет способствовать диалогу, а также адвокации

25 May 2016

В конце апреля, в Грузии, Грузинской Группой Сообществ Потребителей Наркотиков (GeNPUD) была создана Национальная Платформа по Наркополитике. Платформа объединяет 33 субъектов, представляющих НПО, предоставляющих сервисы, другие организации гражданского общества, союзы, исследовательские организаций и общинные группы ЛПИН.

GeNPUDявляется сетью организаций людей, потребляющих иньекционные наркотики (ЛПИН).


In Georgia, the new National Platform for Drug Policy will promote dialogue as well as advocacy

22 May 2016

In Georgia, at the end of April, the Georgian Drug Users Community Group (GeNPUD) established a National Platform for Drug Policy. The platform brings together 33 entities representing NGOs providing services, other civil society organizations, unions, research organizations, and drug user community groups.

GeNPUD is a network of organizations of people who use drugs.