Core provisions largely unchanged in Global Fund’s revised Eligibility Policy

12 May 2018
Biggest change is new metrics and thresholds for determining TB burden

Under the revised Eligibility Policy adopted by the Board, the core provisions remain largely intact. Most of the changes are on the periphery. The revised policy was adopted by the Board at its recent meeting in Skopje, Macedonia. The Board was acting on the recommendations of its Strategy Committee.


Description des processus d’ajustement qualitatifs pour les allocations pour la période 2017/2019

21 Dec 2016
Le processus a été décidé par le Comité stratégique en juin 2016

À première vue, il semble que le processus d'ajustement qualitatif pour les allocations de la période 2017/2019 soit plus simple que le processus utilisé pour les allocations 2014/2016.


An Equitable Access Initiative report presents alternatives to the use of income level classification in decisions on eligibility and resource prioritization

19 Dec 2016
Multi-criteria framework recommended

From the perspective of the Global Fund, the main takeaway from the final report of the Equitable Access Initiative (EAI) is that decisions on eligibility and prioritization of resources should be based on more than just income level and disease burden. The EAI recommends that a multi-criteria framework be used instead.


Parameters for the qualitative adjustments for 2017-2019 allocations

15 Dec 2016
Determined by the Strategy Committee in June 2016

Last June, when the Strategy Committee approved the qualitative adjustment process for 2017-2019 allocations (see GFO article), it also approved the parameters that are being used to make the adjustments in Stage 1 (epidemiological considerations) and Stage 2 (holistic adjustment – primarily absorption and impact).


Description of qualitative adjustment process for 2017-2019 allocations

29 Nov 2016
Process was decided by Strategy Committee in June 2016

At first glance, it may appear that the qualitative adjustment process for the 2017-2019 allocations is simpler than the process used for the 2014-2016 allocations. But, in the final analysis, it is probably every bit as complicated.


More is known about the impact of the new allocation methodology

7 Jun 2016
EECA’s allocation will be cut in half; Southern Africa’s share will increase 50%

In April 2016, the Global Fund Board approved a new allocation methodology for the period 2017-2019 (see GFO article).


La politique d'admissibilité révisée est adoptée

19 May 2016
Le RNB moyen par habitant sur trois ans utilisé pour déterminer le niveau de revenu

En vertu de la nouvelle politique d'admissibilité adoptée par le Conseil lors de sa réunion à Abidjan les 26-27 avril, la moyenne de trois années de RNB par habitant sera utilisée pour déterminer le classement de niveau de revenu aux fins d'admissibilité (en remplacement des chiffres d’une année par habitant qui avaient été utilisés jusqu'à présent).


Revised eligibility policy adopted

28 Apr 2016
Three-year GNI per capita average to be used to determine income level

Under the new Eligibility Policy adopted by the Board at its meeting in Abidjan on 26-27 April, a three-year GNI per capita average will be used to determine income level classification for eligibility purposes (replacing the single year per capita numbers that have been used up to now).