Le rapport sur les communautés, les droits et les questions de genre au Conseil d’administration demande son avis sur les mesures liées au COVID-19

2 Jun 2020
« Il est plus nécessaire que jamais d’agir pour lever les obstacles liés aux droits humains et au genre »


Community, Rights and Gender report to the Board requests input on COVID-19-related measures

15 May 2020
“Actions to address human rights- and gender-related barriers are needed now more than ever”


South Africa confronts HIV prevention challenge for adolescent girls and young women with new Global Fund grant

26 Feb 2019
This will be the Global Fund’s largest investment by far in AGYW programming

South Africa, home to the largest national HIV epidemic globally, is getting ready to begin implementation of a new Global Fund grant for the period 1 April 2019 to 31 March 2022 in the amount of $353.3 million. The funding request was submitted during Window 6 (on 6 August 2018) and was reviewed by the Technical Review Panel (TRP) in September 2018.

The TRP recommended South Africa’s funding request.


Regional 'Platforms' proving vital to Global Fund’s community, rights and gender strategic initiative

17 Sep 2018
Ten months after their re-launch, Platforms are communicating with thousands online and connecting CSOs to much-needed technical assistance


Global Fund Networking Zone at AIDS 2018 shines a spotlight on community engagement

30 Jul 2018
Global Village networking zone hosted by six regional platforms for coordination and communication

The Global Fund’s six regional Community, Rights and Gender (CRG) platforms came together at the 22nd International AIDS Conference (AIDS 2018) to host the Global Fund Community Zone in the Global Village.


Secretariat releases report on slow uptake of Global Fund’s human rights complaints mechanism

3 Jul 2018
Since the mechanism's launch in 2015, no complaints have been received

In April 2015, the Global Fund’s Office of the Inspector General (OIG) launched a human rights complaints mechanism through which anybody can report human rights violations in the context of a Global Fund-supported program. However, in over three years, not a single complaint has been received via the mechanism. A year after the mechanism went live, the Fund began wondering why.


Civil society organizations gather in Ghana to increase engagement in Global Fund programs

12 Jun 2018
Health advocates from across Africa share experiences, build capacity, and strategize on how to respond to HIV, TB and malaria

A two-day meeting attended by civil society and community advocates, the Global Fund, technical partners and state representatives has equipped participants to more meaningfully engage in the implementation of Global Fund grants in the African region.


Steady progress on human rights and gender activities in the Global Fund’s Strategy, but there have been delays

28 Nov 2017
Lack of resources and limited knowledge around human rights barriers among challenges faced by Secretariat

Generally speaking, work to implement the third objective of the Global Fund Strategy 2017-2022 – to promote and protect human rights and gender equality – is making steady progress, although the majority of the sub-objectives have experienced what the Global Fund calls “minor issues and delays.” These issues can be attributed in part to a lack of resources and insufficient internal capacity on human rights issues.


Six Regional Platforms for Communication and Coordination begin work as part of the Global Fund’s CRG Strategic Initiative

28 Nov 2017
The platforms will support communities to engage in all aspects of Global Fund grant processes, and to access technical assistance

Amérique latine et Caraïbes : présentation des résultats d’études sur l’assistance technique du Fonds mondial à la réunion « de clôture » organisée par l’hôte de la Plateforme régionale

4 Jul 2017
La politique en matière de pérennité, de transition et de cofinancement a également été abordée

Le Centre régional d’assistance technique (CRAT), qui héberge la Plateforme régionale de communication et de coordination d’Amérique latine et des Caraïbes dans le cadre de l’Initiative Communautés, droits et genre du Fonds mondial, a organisé les 2 et 3 mai 2017 à Bogota (Colombie) une réunion « de clôture ».