Kenya takes steps to reduce the risk of treatment disruptions

5 Apr 2016
Serious shortages of TB drugs occurred in 2014
Risks of additional shortages identified

In response to shortages of TB drugs experienced in 2014, and to risks that have been identified of additional shortages for drugs used for all three diseases, Kenya has put in place various measures to reduce the risk of treatment disruptions.


En Tanzanie, une organisation enquête sur les ruptures de stocks d’antirétroviraux

19 Aug 2015
Une mauvaise mise en œuvre du système d’achat groupé du Fonds mondial, un manque de communication et de coordination entre les organisations nationales ont entraîné les ruptures de stocks d’antirétroviraux

Sikika, une ONG tanzanienne dévoile les raisons des ruptures de stock en antirétroviraux en 2014, ruptures qui ont mené à des rationnements dans les traitements et des changements de médicaments. Ces changements ont entraîné des effets secondaires chez certains patients.


Watchdog uncovers reasons for ARV stock-outs in Tanzania

20 Jul 2015
Poor implementation of the Global Fund’s pooled procurement; weak communication and coordination by national agencies cause ARV stock-outs

Tanzanian NGO Sikika has uncovered the cause of shortages and stockouts of ARVs over 2014, which led to some patients receiving fewer supplies and others having their treatment regimens and medicine brands changed, prompting some patients to experience new side effects.


Burundi crisis demonstrates need for flexible health systems

10 Jul 2015
No stock-outs reported but extent of defaulting on treatment as yet unknown

Violent clashes between demonstrators and security forces in Burundi sent tens of thousands of people fleeing both inside and beyond the borders of the central African state. These displacements were only one consequence of the crisis in the capital that stretched the capacity of an already-strapped health system: demonstrating a need for flexibility in resourcing in so-called challenging operating environments.