Les groupes constitutifs africains identifient les questions stratégiques pour la 36ème réunion du Conseil du Fonds mondial

19 Dec 2016



Africa constituencies identify strategic issues for the 36th Global Fund Board meeting

17 Nov 2016

In preparation for the 36th Global Fund Board meeting that took place on 16 to 17 November 2016, the Africa constituencies Bureau convened from 31 October to 1 November 2016 in Kigali, Rwanda to look at critical issues brought to the attention of the board.


Uganda continues to grapple with the challenge of expired medicines and health supplies

31 Oct 2016

Findings conducted by The Observer, a Kampala based newspaper, indicate that instances of expired medicines and health supplies in Uganda is still rampant, and that expired drugs were still on the shelves at various health facilities during a recent survey conducted by the newspaper.


Advocacy for increased domestic funding a success in Ukraine

3 Oct 2016
The Government of Ukraine has committed to changes that will significantly improve the quality and coverage of ARV, MDR-TB, Hepatitis C and OST treatments.

Advocacy for increased domestic funding led by CSOs and PRs, and strongly underpinned by the Global Fund’s conditions put to the government of Ukraine, has achieved outstanding results. Communities, empowered by the Global Fund, have been able to partner with the Ministry of Health.


Operating budget and workplan for 2016 approved

17 Nov 2015
At $305 million, the budget is up slightly from 2015

The Global Fund Board has approved an operating budget of $305 million for 2016, which includes $16.3 million for the Office of the Inspector General. This compares to actual expenditures of $286 million in 2014 and projected expenditures of $296 million for 2015.


Le Fonds mondial dans l'œil du cyclone financier en 2014

9 Apr 2015
Les pertes causées par les fluctuations de change avoisinent les 300 millions de dollars

Le Fonds mondial a confiance dans sa capacité à faire face à la tempête actuelle sur le marché des changes, au raidissement observé dans le système bancaire international et à des besoins financiers supplémentaires en raison d’une durée des subventions raccourcie, sans que cela n'entraîne une quelconque interruption dans les prestations de services d'ici l


Global Fund at eye of perfect storm in financial markets in 2014

8 Apr 2015
Losses due to currency exchange fluctuations hovering around $300 million

The Global Fund is confident it will weather a perfect storm of currency fluctuations, a straitened environment in international banking and additional financial requirements caused by shortened grants to face no interruption in services through the end of the 2014-2017 allocations period.


Le Fonds mondial opte pour une stratégie de mobilisation des ressources déclinée en trois axes

7 Apr 2015
La prochaine reconstitution des ressources débutera par une réunion préparatoire organisée au Japon en décembre 2015

Le Japon s’est proposé pour organiser en décembre 2015 la réunion préparatoire à la cinquième conférence des donateurs du Fonds mondial, mettant ainsi en exergue l’effort de mobilisation des ressources avant le lancement officiel de la reconstitution des ressources mi-2016.


Global Fund in three-pronged approach to resource mobilization

2 Apr 2015
Next replenishment will kick off with pre-meeting in Japan in December 2015

Japan has volunteered to host a pre-meeting for the Global Fund's 5th replenishment conference, kicking off the major resource mobilization effort in December 2015 ahead of the official launch of replenishment in mid-2016.