Only a small number of country concept notes remain to be processed

22 Mar 2016
Almost 90% of the notes are in grant-making or have already resulted in Board-approved grants

The Secretariat has provided an update on the new funding model to the Strategy, Investment and Impact Committee and the Financial and Operational Performance Committee. The update has not been made public but Aidspan has received permission to report on its contents. The Secretariat also provided Aidspan with additional information for this article.


Discussion, but no decisions yet on changes to the allocation methodology for 2017-2019

23 Nov 2015
Proposed methodology will be developed at the SIIC meeting in February 2016
EECA organizations ask for more communications and consultations

The allocation methodology for 2017-2019 was much discussed at the Board meeting on 16-17 November. There were two slots on the agenda devoted to this topic, but the Board was not asked to make any decisions.


Focus on communities and key populations in two African regional initiatives

27 Jan 2015
The two were among 16 selected to claim a share of the regional programs envelope

Consortiums of civil society groups in East and Southern Africa are putting the finishing touches on two regional initiatives hoping to claim a share of the $200 million set aside by the Global Fund Board for cross-border projects under the new funding model (NFM).