How can the Global Fund finance innovation to improve health product supply chains in resource-limited settings?

9 Jul 2019

Access to medicines and quality health products to ensure healthy populations is a global issue. It is also a strategic issue (in financial terms through maintaining the industrial fabric, creating jobs, driving the race for innovation, and enhancing the attractiveness of producer countries) as well as a key political one (governments have a duty to provide accessible care to their citizens to ensure social stability).


Global Fund agrees to accept in-kind payment for recovery of $27 million owed by Ghana

3 Oct 2017
Payment consists of reforms to enable the country to produce its Supply Chain Master Plan

The Global Fund has agreed to accept in-kind payment in lieu of cash for $27.4 million in recoveries owed by Ghana. The in-kind payment consists of reforms that Ghana must implement in order for the country deliver its Supply Chain Master Plan. This is the first time that the Fund has agreed to such an arrangement.


Global Fund’s in-country supply chain processes are ineffective: OIG

16 May 2017
Initiatives to address supply chain problems fail to get at the root causes
Fund is developing a supply chain strategy

According to the Office of the Inspector General (OIG), in-country supply chain mechanisms are neither adequate nor effective in ensuring that the right products are delivered in the correct quantities and condition, at the right place and time, and for the best value cost.


E-marketplace (Phase 1) to be launched this quarter

11 Jan 2016
Between 10 and 20 countries are expected to participate in 2016
The phased launch and roll-out of the Global Fund’s e-marketplace is scheduled to begin this quarter. The e-marketplace is an online procurement platform where buyers will be able to view and procure a broad range of products to be used in health programs. The e-marketplace will operate within the framework of the Fund’s pooled procurement mechanism.

New strategy will allow the Global Fund to play a more active role in shaping markets

19 Nov 2015
Strategy covers countries transitioning away from Fund support
Supports efforts by countries to keep the costs of medicines low, including by promoting generic competition

The Global Fund’s new market-shaping strategy is designed to allow the Fund to play a more active role in shaping market dynamics to increase access to health products. The new strategy, which was adopted by the Board at its meeting on 16-17 November, includes a section on preparing for when countries transition away from Fund support.


Ecuador and Rwanda audits show mixed results

15 Jan 2015
Problems in governance, oversight and management in Rwanda; deficiencies in program performance and controls of health services and products in Ecuador

Reports on audits of grants in Rwanda and Ecuador were released by the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) at the end of December.