The Grant Operating System of the Global Fund is “partially effective,” says OIG

24 Jun 2020


The Global Fund Technical Review Panel praises innovative funding requests and worries about impact of COVID-19

3 Jun 2020
Although the Secretariat and the Technical Review Panel have been responsive, the funding request process turned out to be challenging for the countries

The Technical Review Panel (TRP’s) has just completed its assessment of the funding requests submitted within the first window in March. It is sending notifications to the Secretariat’s country teams and the Country Coordinating Mechanisms (CCMs). Due to the disruptions caused by COVID-19, the TRP worked remotely to assess funding requests.


L'Inspecteur général sortant du Fonds mondial parle en toute franchise de ses réalisations et de ses défis

2 Jun 2020
Mouhamadou Diagne salue l'équipe "incroyablement talentueuse" du Bureau de l'Inspecteur général


The outgoing Inspector General of the Global Fund speaks candidly about his achievements and challenges

15 May 2020
Mouhamadou Diagne lauds the best-in-class team of the Office of the Inspector General


Global Fund Secretariat responds in part to evaluation and audit of its health system investments

11 Jun 2019
Secretariat has not yet offered responses on a few important issues

The Technical Evaluation Reference Group (TERG), the Technical Review Panel (TRP), and the Office of the Inspector General (OIG), three Global Fund bodies that are independent of the Secretariat, have recently evaluated and audited the Global Fund investments in building “Resilient and Sustainable Systems for Health” (RSSH), which make up 27% of all Global Fun


Global Fund’s management and framework for investments in health systems need significant improvement, OIG says

28 May 2019
Risk mitigation measures for health system activities deemed ‘partially effective’

The Office of Inspector General (OIG) conducted the first audit of the Global Fund’s Resilient and Sustainable Systems for Health (RSSH) investments aiming “to provide reasonable assurance on the adequacy and effectiveness of Global Fund processes for the management of RSSH activities”.


L’utilisation des données sur les indicateurs clés de résultats par le Conseil d’administration et le Secrétariat du Fonds mondial est « partiellement efficace », estime le Bureau de l’Inspecteur général

23 Apr 2019
Le rapport d’audit juge que l’utilisation des données sur les indicateurs clés de résultats requiert des améliorations

Global Fund Board and Secretariat use of KPI data is ‘partially effective’, OIG says

16 Apr 2019
Audit report says utilization of KPI data needs improvement

OIG report says Global Fund Secretariat human resources management processes ‘need significant improvement’

2 Apr 2019
Managing poor performance called out as major problem

In its March 2019 audit report to the Board, the Global Fund’s Office of the Inspector General (OIG) determined that the Secretariat’s management of human resources (HR) is not yet performing at an optimal level, despite the “substantial progress” made in recent years.


Trois pays, trois applications différentes du cofinancement dans les subventions du Fonds mondial en Afrique subsaharienne

22 Jan 2019
Application incohérente de la politique de cofinancement d’un pays à l’autre

Un des principes fondateurs du Fonds mondial est celui de la « complémentarité », ce qui signifie que les investissements du Fonds mondial viennent s’ajouter aux dépenses nationales publiques et privées, mais ne les remplacent pas.