8 Jan 2014

Read about the Global Fund’s decision in December 2013 to approve funding for some interim applicants and to renew funding for some grants:

Phase 2 of Somalia TB Grant Will Focus on Case Detection and DOTS

The Global Fund Board has approved a $32.6 million grant to respond to the continued challenges posed by multi-drug resistant TB in Somalia, acknowledging the security and corruption concerns that make health service delivery in the country extraordinarily difficult.

New Funding for HIV Grants in Tanzania Will Reduce the ARV Gap and Scale Up Services to Sex Workers and MSM

Both interim and renewal funding for a total $79 million have been approved to assist in  Tanzania's efforts to combat an HIV epidemic that has infected an estimated 1.6 million of the country's nearly 48 million people.

Renewal Funding for TB Grant to Yemen Comes Despite Concerns About Phase 1 Performance and Risks Associated with the Grant

The Global Fund has approved $4.2 million in incremental funding for Phase 2 of a TB grant to Yemen despite concerns about performance in Phase 1 and serious risks associated with programme implementation.

Phase 2 of HSS Grant in Viet Nam Will Scale Up Activities and Tackle Bottlenecks

Phase 2 of a health systems strengthening (HSS) grant worth $36.2 milllion in incremental funding for Viet Nam will scale up activities and address key bottlenecks. The principal recipient (PR) for Grant VTN-011-G10-S is the Ministry of Health.

Case management and procurement top list for Phase 2 of Kenya malaria grants

Kenya will use the bulk of two incremental funding Phase 2 grants worth $79.7 million to purchase and distribute 7.5 million new long-lasting insecticide-treated nets (LLINs), 17.2 million courses of artemisinin combination therapy (ACT) and 21.8 million rapid diagnostic test kits.

Guatemala Aims to Move to Malaria Elimination Phase

Guatemala is trying to move from malaria control to malaria elimination. The Global Fund recently approved $10.8 million in incremental funding for the next implementation period of malaria grant GUA-M-MSPAS, for which the principal recipient (PR) is the Ministry of Health.

Phase 2 of Sierra Leone Grant Aims to Scale Up Malaria Prevention and Treatment

Phase 2 of two malaria grants worth $28.9 million will scale up malaria prevention and treatment programmes in Sierra Leone, which is still rebuilding following a devastating civil war.

Renewal Funding for HIV and TB Grants in Eritrea Will Enable Scale-Up of Services

The Global Fund Board recently approved $24.5 million in renewal funding for an HIV grant and $8.5 million for a TB grant in Eritrea, both administered by the Ministry of Health.

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