25 Jul 2011

This article provides information on some of the major organisations providing Global Fund-focused technical assistance (TA). The article highlights two types of Global Fund-focused TA: (1) TA to help applicants with the development of their Global Fund proposals for Round 11; and (2) TA for programme implementation and institutional development. Note, however that this is not an exhaustive list of TA providers.

TA for proposal development is not provided by the Global Fund and cannot be funded from proposal or grant budgets. Therefore, this type of TA needs to be sourced from providers such as those listed in this article.

TA for programme implementation and institutional development covers areas such as programme and financial management, procurement and supply management (PSM) and monitoring and evaluation (M&E). It also covers institutional development and broader organisational issues such as governance and leadership. Funding for this type of TA can come from proposal or grant budgets. In their Round 11 proposals, applicants are required to provide information on their TA plans for programme implementation.

TA is available from the following sources:

UNAIDS Technical Support Facilities (TSFs)

TSFs, operating through regional hubs, provide access to short-term TA mostly for AIDS programmes. TA is provided for both proposal development, including programme design and development, strategic and operational planning - and for programme implementation, including resource mobilisation and tracking, M&E, management, and technical areas such as gender, injecting drug use, sex work and migration. TSFs cover over 80 countries in Africa and Asia. Information on how to access TSF TA can be found on these regional websites:

WHO and Stop TB Partnership - through the TB TEchnical Assistance Mechanism (TBTEAM)

TBTEAM, funded mostly by the United States Government, provides assistance in development of TB proposals, and the provision of technical guidance in programme implementation. Concerning proposal development, the TA focuses on conducting gap analyses and helping to manage technical proposal writing committees.

In Round 11, the TBTEAM will target up to 25 countries, of which the following 16 countries have been prioritised: Botswana, Burundi, Cambodia, Guyana, Korea, Lesotho, Malawi, Moldova, North Sudan, Sierra Leone, South Sudan, Tajikistan, Tanzania, Uzbekistan, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Green Light Committee (GLC)

GLC, an initiative of the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Stop TB Partnership, provides TA that supports the management and expansion of multi-drug-resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB) services and care (including M&E and assessing compliance). Support for proposal development may be included. More information is available from the GLC Secretariat (glc_secretariat@who.int) or from the GLC website here.

Roll Back Malaria (RBM)

TA is provided for RBM member countries who wish to submit a proposal the Global Fund under the malaria disease component. Support is provided also to member countries that need assistance in grant consolidation and general programme implementation in areas such as PSM, M&E and reporting. Most RBM regions have already submitted their road maps (work plans that identify their gaps and resource and assistance needs). For more information, the RBM secretariat can be contacted through the RBM website here.

U.S. President's Emergency Plan for Aids Relief (PEPFAR)

TA is provided by PEPFAR to its 15 focus countries: Botswana, Cote d'Ivoire, Ethiopia, Guyana, Haiti, Kenya, Mozambique, Namibia, Nigeria, Rwanda, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, Viet Nam and Zambia. TA is available for proposal writing. Other TA supports the implementation of PEPFAR-recommended interventions in service delivery, health advocacy targeting ministries of health or other partners, developing national guidelines, policies and operational tools, programme planning, M&E and organisational development. TA is also provided to NGOs in PEPFAR focus countries through PEPFAR's New Partners Initiative, which aims to strengthen the capacity of local organisations and enhance local ownership of HIV/AIDS responses for the long term. More information is available here, here and here.

U.S. Government-Funded Technical Support to Global Fund Grants (Grant Management Solutions)

Time-limited TA for programme implementation and institutional development is available for country coordinating mechanisms (CCMs), principal recipients (PRs) and sub-recipients (SRs) in countries with Global Fund grants. The TA provided includes governance and leadership, programme and financial management, PSM and M&E. HIV grants in the PEPFAR focus countries are not eligible for this TA. Information on how to apply is available here and here.

Civil Society Action Team (CSAT)

CSAT provides TA for proposal development (including both the rounds-based channel and national strategy applications) for civil society organisations. CSAT's focus for Round 11 is strengthening the quality of proposals that contain a community systems strengthening (CSS) component. For grant implementation, the TA provided ranges from developing data collection methods to improving M&E systems of Global Fund grants. More information is available here (including links to additional sources of TA).

International HIV/AIDS Alliance Regional Support Hubs

Global Fund-specific TA is available for proposal development - especially for CSS components - and for programme implementation and institutional development (including SR management, and strengthening civil society engagement with CCMs). The hubs also provide TA in technical areas (e.g., PMTCT programming). More details are available here.

GAVI Alliance (formerly Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunisation)

GAVI provides some TA for health systems strengthening related to the Health Systems Funding Platform, a partnership among GAVI, the Global Fund and other agencies. TA may be available for both proposal development and programme implementation. Some details will be released when Round 11 is launched. More information is available here, here and here.

German Technical Cooperation (GTZ) BACKUP initiative

GTZ provides TA for proposal development and for programme implementation and institutional development. TA is offered to government institutions, NGOs and U.N. organisations. Application procedures for Round 11 are available here.

Friends Africa Technical Assistance Hub

Friends Africa provides TA to, among others, CCMs, NGOs, faith-based organisations and health ministries. The aim is to improve and strengthen their capacity to submit quality proposals to the Global Fund and other funders. TA is also available for implementers facing difficulties in implementing large-scale grants. More information is available from Friends Africa, via email: technicalassistance@friends-africa.org, or via its website here.

United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)

UNDP provides short- and long-term TA to PRs. Information on how to access this support can be obtained from the UNDP country offices. The TA provided is for project planning and management, procurement and supply chain management, finance, M&E, human resources management and contract administration. TA is also provided to CCMs to enhance their oversight role.


Coordinating AIDS Technical Support (CoATS) Database

This is not a source of TA per se, but rather a shared database with up-to-date information on TA activities and providers. It is an initiative of UNAIDS. CoATS is available here. (Note: you will have to register to log-in).

Information on other TA providers and on technical resources for Round 11 is available in the Aidspan Guide to Round 11 Applications to the Global Fund - Volume 1: Getting a Head Start.

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