Aidspan aims to use resources towards results through a proactive and thoughtful approach to events and stakeholders.

Aidspan aims to deliver the most pertinent content when it is most useful to its audiences through proactive research, prospective analysis, and prompt reporting.

Aidspan promotes and holds itself to the highest standards of honesty, accuracy, truthfulness and ethical conduct.

Aidspan values stakeholder engagement which leads to ownership of the grant and improved results. Aidspan embraces cooperation in its work, valuing an integrated, interdisciplinary approach to research, analysis, and publication.

Aidspan promotes full accountability for the use of the Global Fund resources at the global and country levels. Aidspan takes full responsibility for the content it publishes, paying close attention to its sources, as well as listening to its audience, to respond as best as it can to questions or criticism, including correcting errors or mistakes should they occur.