Global Fund’s final KPI data for 2016 show mostly good results

4 May 2017
Ten targets were achieved or surpassed; four were not met; and one looks unlikely to be reached

The end-2016 data on the Global Fund’s corporate key performance indicators (KPIs) show good results for most of the KPIs, including two where the Fund showed particularly strong performance. The targets for 10 of the 15 KPIs were achieved or surpassed. The targets for four KPIs were not met, and it appears the Fund will not achieve parts of the target for a fifth KPI.


Board approves new targets for the 2017-2022 Strategic KPI Framework

4 Apr 2017
Interim targets agreed for two KPIs, and the setting of three targets delayed until the final Board meeting of this year

After a months-long review process involving a number of bodies within the Global Fund, the Board has approved 29 of the 37 targets it declined to accept at its last meeting, revising just five targets, and postponing approval of three targets until later this year. The decision was taken on 20 March by electronic vote.

See the table at the end of this article for a summary of the 2017-2022 KPI targets.


Concerns raised about the process for designing the KPI framework and setting the targets

17 Jan 2017
After some delays, revised targets are expected to be presented to the Board in March

Since the Global Fund established key performance indicators (KPIs) and targets several years ago, they have been challenging for the Secretariat to generate, update and report on. They have also been challenging for the Board to oversee.


Explanation of The Global Fund’s new strategic KPIs

21 Jun 2016
New strategic indicators form the top level of a three-tier framework

When, on 15 June, The Global Fund Board adopted a new key performance indicator (KPI) framework (see GFO article in this issue), it also approved 12 strategic KPIs. The strategic KPIs form the top tier of a three-tiered framework. This article contains a description of the strategic KPIs.


KPI targets revised again, new targets approved

8 Feb 2016
Board reviews details of five targets in danger of being missed, adjusting two for the coming year

Following a review of why The Global Fund was at risk of not meeting five corporate key performance indicators (KPIs) in the coming year, the Board has approved 10 targets for 2016, two of which have been revised since they were first proposed in November last year.


Eight key performance targets on track, five below expectation

17 Nov 2015
Fund acknowledges it will likely miss the target on time-to-first-disbursement for approved grants

While eight of the Global Fund’s 13 key performance indicators for which results are available are performing well, the organization is at risk of not meeting the indicators for the other five. This information was contained in a report on KPIs provided to the Board at its meeting on 16-17 November.

There are 16 indicators in all, but the Board paper provided results for only 13 of them.


In Kenya, devolution is interrupting monitoring and evaluation

17 Aug 2015
Persistent lack of training and problems with priority setting and management at county level just the tip of the iceberg

Kenya in 2013 formally decentralized a series of governance responsibilities to its 47 counties, including the provision of health care. But while the original goal of devolution was to improve efficiency in service delivery and permit greater ownership and engagement at the local level, in the health sector this has not translated as well as anticipated.