Global Fund announces plans for $260 million allocated to multi-country approaches

8 Aug 2017
A combination of pre-identified applicants and competitive applications will be used

The Global Fund has unveiled its plans for the $260 million earmarked for multi-country approaches in the 2017-2019 allocations. The multi-country funding is part of a larger pot of money ($800 million) set aside for catalytic investments.


Board approves additional funding from the 2014-2016 allocations

12 Feb 2017

All of the attention lately has been on the allocations for 2017-2019, but funding related to the 2014-2016 allocations continues to be awarded at a steady pace. In December 2016, in a flurry of activity, the Global Fund Board approved funding in five different categories.


More information on funding awarded to regional applicants

12 Feb 2017
$23 million approved for five programs

As reported in a separate article in this issue, among the funding from the 2014-2016 allocations awarded by the Board in December, $23.4 million went to five regional programs that had not previously received funding. See the table for details.


Адвокация повышения внутреннего финансирования в Украине имела успех

26 Oct 2016
Правительство Украины обязалось к изменениям, способным значительно улучшить качество и охват терапии АРВ, лечения МЛУ-ТБ, гепатита С и ОЗТ.

Адвокация повышения внутреннего финансирования под руководством ОГО и ОР, и подкрепленая условиями Глобального Фонда, поставленными перед правительством Украины, достигла  успеха. Сообщества, при поддержке Глобальным Фондом, оказались готовы сотрудничать с Министерством Здравоохранения.


EECA initiative is improving the continuum of HIV care across the region

19 Oct 2016
Regional consultation in Kiev made substantive step to make action plan evidence based, contextual and operational

The EECA region saw the launching of an initiative improving the effectiveness of HIV treatment. The initiative addresses the high HIV incidence, the maintaining of the HIV care cascade, which remains a problem in most EECA states. According to WHO data from 2014, 55% of HIV-positives are aware of their status, while only 71% of those who know their status are officially registered.


Information on regional programs that were awarded funding in August

16 Sep 2016
Four programs were given $25 million

Among the grants approved by the Board in August (see GFO article) were four regional programs which received $25 million. The Board was acting on recommendations of the Technical Review Panel (TRP) and the Grants Approvals Committee (GAC). This article provides a summary of the some of the comments made by the GAC concerning the regional programs.

В настоящее время все больше представителей гражданского общества вовлечены в СКК, но имеются ли у них соответствующие навыки?

18 Jul 2016
Частью решения проблем является подход региональных программ "обучение на практике"

    За последние несколько лет представительство гражданского сектора - НПО и сообществ - на уровне СКК увеличилось, в том числе в свете рекомендаций, направленных на вовлечение ключевых групп населения. Тем не менее, первоначальное воодушевление, сопровождавшее это изменение, сменилось растущим разочарованием и жалобами различных заинтересованных сторон.


There are more civil society representatives on CCMs now, but do they have the skills they need?

5 Jul 2016
The “learning by doing” approach of many regional programs is part of the solution

In the past few years, representation of the civil sector – NGOs and communities – on CCMs has increased, particularly in response to recommendations that key populations be included. However, the initial excitement that accompanied this change has been replaced by growing frustration and complaints from different stakeholders. 


Upcoming human rights grant will tackle barriers to access in Africa

19 Oct 2015
Goal is to achieve legal and policy changes

A new regional program focusing on legal and policy change in Africa has been invited to proceed to grant-making.