Venezuela will be eligible for an allocation from the Global Fund for malaria, for 2020-2022

20 Aug 2019
The Fund invoked a clause in its Eligibility Policy concerning a resurgence of malaria in countries not normally eligible for support

Venezuela will be eligible for an allocation for malaria in the next allocation period, 2020-2022. The Global Fund Board announced its approval of this decision late on 15 August, after a round of electronic voting.


Core provisions largely unchanged in Global Fund’s revised Eligibility Policy

12 May 2018
Biggest change is new metrics and thresholds for determining TB burden

Under the revised Eligibility Policy adopted by the Board, the core provisions remain largely intact. Most of the changes are on the periphery. The revised policy was adopted by the Board at its recent meeting in Skopje, Macedonia. The Board was acting on the recommendations of its Strategy Committee.