The Global Fund is supporting stakeholders in Montenegro to develop a social contracting mechanism

6 Nov 2017
New HIV Law paves the way for additional funding to be allocated to NGOs

How the Global Fund’s policy on CCM composition helped to boost LGBT participation in decision-making in the EECA

27 Jun 2017
Six case studies documented by the Eurasian Coalition on Male Health

Global Fund policies on the composition of country coordinating mechanisms (CCMs) have resulted in increased participation of LGBT organizations on CCMs in Eastern Europe and Central Asia (EECA). It has also resulted in greater participation of LGBT representatives in the decisions of the CCMs and even of the governments in these countries, including decisions concerning prevention services.

Грант Глобального Фонда по ВИЧ в Российской Федерации поддерживает проект ТБ/ВИЧ в Томской области

18 Jul 2016
Проект может быть расширен такжеи на другие области

 Российская Федерация не являлась правомочной подавать заявку на финансирование ТБ уже в течени нескольких лет. Это не означает, что в Российской Федерации нет никаких проблем с ТБ. На самом деле, риск, связанный с ТБ оценивается, как "тяжелый" в соответствии с собственной индексацией Глобального Фонда. Федерация стала неправомочной претендовать на финансирование ТБ в связи с её уровнем доходов.


Global Fund HIV grant to Russian Federation supports TB/HIV project in the Tomsk oblast

5 Jul 2016
Project may be expanded to other oblasts

The Russian Federation has not been eligible to apply for funding for TB several years. That does not mean that there is no TB problem in the Russian Federation. In fact, the TB risk is ranked as “severe” according to the Global Fund’s own index. The Federation was not eligible to apply for TB because of its income level. The Russian Federation is currently categorized as high-income.


Marking a progression in its HIV landscape, Vietnam chooses a civil society PR

19 Oct 2015
The role of civil society in the response to HIV is growing

Vietnam inaugurated its first non-governmental principal recipient with the signing of its HIV grant in September 2015. A voluntary umbrella organization of non-governmental or semi-autonomous organizations operating in various science and technology fields, the Vietnam Union of Science and Technology Associations (VUSTA) was appointed PR after serving four years serving as sub-recipient under the Vietnam Authority on AIDS Control.