A success story: Global Fund grants in Burkina Faso show significantly increased absorption rates

21 Mar 2018
Poor absorption has been an enduring problem for grants in West and Central Africa

Stakeholders in Burkina Faso have succeeded in improving the absorption rate of the country’s Global Fund grants. The rate has gone from 67% for the period 2012–2015 to 94% as of the end of 2017. Poor absorption has been a long-standing problem in all countries in West and Central Africa.


Global Fund’s efforts to improve service quality: successes and challenges

4 May 2017
Initiatives to boost service quality will take time to yield measurable impact at the country level, OIG says

Service quality was one of the five strategic thematic areas that emerged from the work of the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) in 2016, as described in the OIG’s 2016 annual report. Another article in this issue provides a short summary of each theme.


L’initiative ITP s’attaque aux problèmes relatifs à la mise en oeuvre des subventions dans 20 pays

21 Dec 2016
L'objectif est d'atténuer les obstacles, d'accroître l'efficacité et l'impact



Low absorptive capacity of Global Fund grants and its implications for programming in countries

19 Dec 2016

The Global Fund defines absorptive capacity as the percentage of actual expenditure compared to the total grant budget. Countries have long reported various policy and operational barriers that hinder their ability to fully absorb donor funds.


The ITP initiative expects to improve the performance of Global Fund grants in Niger

2 Nov 2016

As a result of Niger's participation in the ITP, the country is now seeing increased absorption rates of some grants. The country is one of those participating in the Global Fund’s Implementation Through Partnership (ITP) initiative on which a separate article in this issue here, provides a further description.


Implementation Through Partnership project addresses problem grants in 20 countries

1 Nov 2016
Goal is to alleviate bottlenecks, increase efficiency and impact

Over the past year, the Global Fund and many of its partner organizations have been actively collaborating on an Implementation Through Partnership (ITP) project to support countries that are encountering problems implementing grants. The problems include grants starting late; grants falling behind schedule; and grants having difficulty absorbing all of the financing they have been awarded.


Donors and the Government of DRC have struggled to resolve the issue of salary incentives

1 Nov 2016
A transitional plan is currently in place

The Global Fund has been aware for at least the past six years that salary incentives paid to workers in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) were problematic, but has struggled to find a way to move forward without them.