Des audits des subventions du Fonds mondial au Rwanda et au Bénin signalent des problèmes liés à la disponibilité et à la qualité des données

9 Apr 2019
Pour les subventions du Rwanda, qui reposent sur le modèle de financement fondé sur les résultats, la disponibilité de données fiables et de bonne qualité est particulièrement importante

OIG audits of Global Fund grants to Rwanda and Benin raise issues related to data availability and quality

19 Mar 2019
For grants in Rwanda, which follows a results-based financing model, availability of good and reliable data is especially critical

Funding requests to the Global Fund in next allocation period will need to scale up investments in RSSH, TRP says

14 Jan 2019
TRP releases report on RSSH investments from 2017 to 2019

Despite the progress that has been made, a greater focus on resilient and sustainable systems for health (RSSH) will be required in the 2020–2022 allocation period if the Global Fund is to achieve its RSSH-related strategic objectives, the Technical Review Panel (TRP) says in a report released recently on RSSH investments in the