In Tunisia, legal issues regarding the framework agreement cause delay in an HIV grant

4 Mar 2016
Three provisions of the agreement are not compatible with the new Constitution

For several weeks, civil society organizations in Tunisia have organized demonstrations and issued press releases to ask for the signature of the framework agreement that is required prior to funding. An HIV grant worth $11 million was approved in December 2015 but can only be disbursed after the agreement is signed. 


After months of delay, the framework agreement for grants to Pakistan is set to be signed

18 Feb 2016
Existing grants have been extended to ensure that disbursements are not interrupted

After a delay of about six months, the framework agreement for Global Fund grants to Pakistan is set to be signed the week of 22 February.

Under the new funding model, each country signs a framework agreement which spells out the terms and conditions for all grants to that country. Then, separate grant confirmation forms are signed for each grant for which The Global Fund Board has approved funding.