Domestic financial contributions to HIV, TB and malaria programs remain low in Global Fund ‘high-impact’ Asian countries

30 Jul 2019
Contributions are especially low for the malaria response

The role of domestic resources has taken centre stage as the Global Fund approaches the Replenishment Conference for the next implementation period, which will take place in October in Lyon, France.


Domestic financial contributions to HIV, tuberculosis and malaria responses remain low

21 Aug 2018
Global Fund’s 'high impact' African countries still depend mostly on donor funds

A new analysis conducted by Aidspan shows that domestic contributions by low- and lower-middle income countries to their HIV, TB and malaria responses accounted for 16% for HIV, 36% for TB, and 36% for malaria, for the 2015-2017 period. Countries will experience huge gaps in funding for the 2018-2020 period unless domestic and international commitments increase.


Peter Sands calls for increases in funding from implementing countries and for health’s share of ODA

31 Jul 2018
Global Fund Executive Director says resilient health systems must be funded domestically

“It is a false dichotomy to have a tension between Universal Health Care or ‘ending the epidemic’,” said Global Fund Executive Director Peter Sands at the 22nd International AIDS conference, where scores of formal and thousands of informal discussions focused on the need to integrate HIV testing, care and treatment into the broader global health agenda.

Обзор деятельности,связанной с планированием переходного периодапо ВЕЦА

26 Jul 2016

В Восточной Европе и Центральной Азии (ВЕЦА) в настоящее время проводится существенная работа по планированию переходного периода. Дискуссии о переходе от финансирования со стороны Глобального Фонда начались еще до того, как были утверждены гранты в рамках новой модели финансирования.


Overview of activities in the EECA related to transition planning

18 Jul 2016

Considerable work is being done in Eastern Europe and Central Asia (EECA) on transition planning. Discussions about transitioning from Global Fund financing started even before grants under the new funding model were approved for funding.