Identifying Secretariat-level impediments to full absorption of Global Fund grant money

3 Oct 2017
Identified roadblocks include conditions precedent and management actions, and policies regarding fixed vs. variable payments and country categorization

According to representatives from the sub-Saharan Africa delegations to the Board, issues at the level of the Global Fund Secretariat contribute to the problems many countries experience with respect to fully absorbing grants. Representatives of the Secretariat respond that they are aware of the concerns the delegations are raising, but point to a need to balance swift disbursements with proper controls.


Failure to absorb Global Fund money: African constituencies sound the alarm

5 Sep 2017
Lapsed funding means a lost opportunity to fight diseases or strengthen health systems

Impediments at both the Secretariat and country level are leaving many Global Fund recipients unable to fully absorb their funding, and are raising alarms over the resulting reductions in service coverage and quality. This is the first of a three-part series in which we discuss some of the reasons behind these absorption failures, as well as some of the solutions that are being proposed.