Global Fund’s new HIV and TB multicountry grants in Eastern Europe and Central Asia begin implementation

26 Feb 2019
Applicants express concern over newly competitive application process

The Global Fund Board has recently approved several multicountry grants, whose aim is to address priorities “deemed critical to fulfil the aims of the Global Fund 2017-2022 strategy,” and to address needs that are not being fulfilled by national (single country) allocations.


Global Fund grant to Ukraine finds treatment success for multidrug-resistant TB with two-pronged approach

21 Aug 2018
Combining social and medical support achieves better treatment outcomes

According to the WHO, Ukraine remains a country with a high TB burden, and in 2014 it became one of the five countries with the highest burdens of multidrug-resistant tuberculosis (MDR TB) in the world.


Ukraine’s proposal to the Global Fund reflects a country in transition

27 Jun 2017
As the government prepares to take on more financial responsibility, the country still faces challenges because of ongoing conflict

Ukraine has submitted a TB/HIV funding request worth $119.5 million that the country expects will help broaden services, especially among key populations. The proposal includes a further $39.2 million prioritized above-allocation request (PAAR).


Глобальный Фонд напоминает Украине об обязательствах по преемственности финансирования ЗМТ

5 Oct 2016
Украина может потерять 27 миллион долларов, если не будет следовать требованиям

Глобальный Фонд направил правительству Украины письмо, содержащее напоминание об обязательствах постепенного взятия на себя провизии метадоновой заместительной терапии (МЗТ) - также известной, как заместительная поддерживающая терапия (ЗПТ) или опиоидная заместительная терапия (ОЗТ) –а также повторное заявление о том, что Украина может потерять до 27 миллионов долларов своих ассигнаций на 2014-2016 гг, если не будет соответствовать требованиям


Global Fund reminds Ukraine of its commitment to take over the funding of MST

4 Sep 2016
Ukraine could lose $27 million of its allocation if it does not comply

The Global Fund has written to the Government of Ukraine reminding it of its commitment to gradually take over the provision of methadone substitution therapy (MST) ­– also known as substitution maintenance therapy (SMT) or opioid substitution therapy (OST) – and reiterating that Ukraine could lose up to $27 million of its allocation for 2014-2016 if it does not comply. That amount is 15% of the total allocation.