Aid effectiveness


The Global Fund Should Take Transparency to Another Level

18 Apr 2013

by Robert Bourgoing


Global Fund Reports Progress on Increasing Aid Effectiveness

23 Apr 2010

The Global Fund says that six of its 13 aid effectiveness targets have been met, that one target has been nearly met, and that three others are within reach. This information is contained in "The Global Fund 2010: Innovation and Impact," a report on results released by the Global Fund on 8 March 2010.


Global Fund on Track To Achieve Round 8 Cost-Cutting Targets

18 Dec 2009

The Global Fund reports that it is well on its way towards achieving its target of 10% "efficiency gains" for Round 8. When the Global Fund Board approved Round 8 proposals, it instituted some cost-cutting measures because the Board feared there were not enough funds on hand or in the pipeline to pay for the entire first two year costs of recommended proposals. Round 8 is the largest round of funding to date.

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