Aidspan Round 10 Applying Guide Available in Several Languages

24 Jun 2010

"The Aidspan Guide to Round 10 Applications to theGlobal Fund - Volume 2: The Applications Process and the Proposal Form"is now available for single-country applicants in English, French, Spanish andRussian at


Volume 1 of <i>&quot;TheAidspan Guide to Round 10 Applications to the Global Fund&quot;</i> Is NowAvailable

23 Apr 2010

Aidspan has released the first volume of "The Aidspan Guide to Round 10 Applications to the Global Fund." Volume 1, "Getting a Head Start," is designed to assist applicants with the process of preparing proposals for Round 10, particularly in the period of time before the Global Fund officially launches Round 10.


Global Fund Launches CCM Newsletter

16 Apr 2010

The Global Fund Secretariat has released its first CCM Newsletter. The 4-pages newsletter features several articles on the CCM's role in grant oversight. It also contains a small article on the Global Fund's CCM funding policy.


Report Reveals that Seven CCM Applications Were Declared Ineligible During Round 9 Proposal Screening

1 Apr 2010

Last year, seven applications from CCMs were deemed to be ineligible for consideration by the Technical Review Panel (TRP) as a result of the Round 9 screening process. This is in sharp contrast to Round 8, when no CCM applications were screened out. In each of Rounds 6 and 7, only three CCM applications were found to be ineligible.


Global Fund Provides CCMs with NewTool for Grant Oversight

11 Mar 2010

The Global Fund has introduced the "dashboard," an information tool designed to support country coordinating mechanisms (CCMs) as they carry out their grant oversight functions.


Secretariat Issues FAQs on Implementing Recent Board Decisions

11 Feb 2010

The Global Fund recently released a wide-ranging Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document on how to implement decisions made by the Global Fund Board in November 2009 concerning cost-cutting measures and the new grant architecture. The document is entitled "Grant Signing Frequently Asked Questions," though in fact it covers many issues beyond those related to grant signing.


Elections Held for Civil Society Representatives on India CCM

18 Dec 2009

Earlier this year, the India CCM organised elections to fill the eight seats on the CCM allocated to civil society organisations (CSOs). This marked the first time that CSO representatives were elected to the India CCM. Some CSOs expressed concerns about some parts of the process.

This article describes the elections process and the outcome.



Global Fund Offers Additional Funding for CCMs

16 Nov 2009

The Global Fund has established a new "expanded funding" window for CCMs. The new window allows a CCM to apply for more than $50,000 a year in funding providing it submits a two-year workplan with measurable targets. (All references in this article to CCMs apply also to Sub-CCMs and Regional Coordinating Mechanisms.)


Global Fund Guidance Paper on CCM Oversight Misses the Mark

24 Oct 2008

The role of the CCM in overseeing the implementation of grants is not well understood by most CCMs. As a result, CCM oversight is not working in most countries.


Global Fund Releases Guidance on CCM Oversight

24 Oct 2008

The Global Fund recently released a “Guidance Paper on CCM Oversight.” The 9-page, undated paper is available in six languages at The paper refers to oversight by CCMs, not oversight of CCMs.


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