OIG audit of grants to Côte d’Ivoire shows mixed results

29 Jan 2017
Audit cites weak oversight by Ministry of Public Health and Hygiene

In an audit of grants to Côte d’Ivoire, the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) rated grant implementation arrangements as being “partially effective”; and supply chain controls and assurance mechanisms as “needing significant improvement.”

The OIG uses a four-tier rating system: Effective; Partially effective; Needs significant improvement; and Ineffective.


The OIG’s report on Malawi identifies deficiencies in programs implemented for the three diseases

15 Jan 2017
Audit report on Malawi finds important components of some activities funded by the US President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief and the Fund, have not been implemented

The OIG last reviewed Malawi in 2010 with that audit being published in August 2012. That audit identified weaknesses in financial management, sub-recipient management, procurement and supply chain management. Malawi has since had to repay $3.3 million of the $36 million it utilized due to findings of improper spending unearthed by a 2012 audit.


L'audit du BIG révèle de graves insuffisances dans la façon dont l'argent des subventions à la RDC est utilisé

9 Nov 2016
En dépit des progrès réalisés par le Fonds dans ses opérations ayant lieu dans ce qu'il définit comme un contexte d’intervention difficile, les difficultés rencontrées en RDC restent problématiques.

À lire le message de Mark Dybul, Directeur exécutif du Fonds mondial, dans une annexe au


OIG audit reveals serious deficiencies in how money is being utilized in grants to the DRC

16 Oct 2016
Despite the progress made by the Fund in operating in what it defines as a challenging operating environment, difficulties in operating in the DRC remain an issue.

If one were to read the message by the Fund’s Executive Director Mark Dybul in an annex to the report of the Office of the Inspector General on its audit in the Democratic Republic of Congo, one would come away with the impression that with some minor exceptions, the Global Fund’s grants to the DRC are performing very well.


OIG investigation reveals fraudulent activities by an SR in Nigeria

10 May 2016
$3.8 million in expenditures deemed non-compliant

An investigation by the Office of the Inspector General has found evidence of systematic embezzlement of program funds, fraudulent practices, and collusion by staff of a sub-recipient for an HIV grant to Nigeria. The OIG released a report on investigation on 3 May.


OIG audit identifies major deficiencies in the implementation of grants to Nigeria

10 May 2016
Ineffective implementation arrangements in a large federal state said to be at the heart of the problem
Secretariat believes that is has implemented measures to adequately minimize the risks

Despite efforts made the Secretariat and despite significant investments – over $800 million in the past few years – there are still major deficiencies in the Nigeria portfolio’s internal controls, affecting procurement and supply chain management, financial management, and program management.


Les préoccupations récurrentes du Fonds mondial sur les risques et les performances des subventions du portefeuille du Nigéria

5 May 2016
Les décaissements pour les subventions VIH et paludisme temporairement suspendus

Comme c’est souvent le cas lors des réunions du Conseil d’administration, un sujet qui n’était pas au programme officiel était de toutes les discussions de couloir. Lors de la dernière réunion, c’est la méthodologie d’allocation. Cette fois-ci, ce sont les préoccupations concernant les performances des subventions au Nigéria.


Global Fund wrestles with concerns about grant performance and risks in the Nigeria portfolio

27 Apr 2016
Disbursements for HIV and malaria grants temporarily suspended

As happens at many Board meetings, a topic that was not on the official agenda was prominent in corridor discussions. Last meeting it was the allocations methodology. This meeting it was concerns about the performance of grants to Nigeria.


Reactions to the finding of the OIG in its audit on CCMs

6 Mar 2016

Aidspan solicited feedback from several entities on the findings of the Office of the Inspector General in its audit on country coordinating mechanisms.


Changes to Board committee structure confirmed

5 Mar 2016
Board appoints chairs and vice-chairs for each of the new committees

On 28 January 2016, the Global Fund Board confirmed changes to its structure that were approved in principle at its meeting last November (see GFO article). On 4 March, the Board appointed chairs and vice-chairs for the reconstituted committees. The changes and appointments will come into effect on 1 May 2016.