Aidspan and ICASO Release "An Advocacy Guide on Global Fund Financing"

29 Jun 2005

Aidspan, publisher of GFO, and ICASO (International Council of AIDS Service Organizations) have jointly released "An Advocacy Guide on Global Fund Financing." The purpose of the Guide is to provide advocates and activists in both developing and developed countries with information on the current situation with respect to Global Fund funding, and to suggest advocacy strategies to counter the anticipated shortfall.


New Chair and Vice-Chair

24 Apr 2005

The Board elected Dr. Carol Jacobs of Barbados to serve as Chair for the next two years, and it elected Prof. Michel Kazatchkine to serve as Vice-Chair. They took over from Mr. Tommy Thompson, former US Secretary of Health and Human Services, and Dr. Helene Rossert, head of the French NGO AIDES, respectively, whose terms of office had expired.


Aidspan Launches Web-Based Early Warning System for Global Fund Grants

17 Apr 2005

Aidspan, the NGO that publishes Global Fund Observer, today released a major web-based "early-warning" system that shows for every Global Fund grant how well that grant is performing against its own goals and in relation to other Global Fund grants. The analysis is available at Aidspan's newly-upgraded web site at www.aidspan.org.


"Aidspan Guide to Round 5 Applications to the Global Fund" is Released

27 Mar 2005

"The Aidspan Guide to Round 5 Applications to the Global Fund" has just been published. It is accessible at no charge at www.aidspan.org/guides, where three previous Aidspan Guides are already available.


The Major Strengths and Weaknesses of Previous Applications to the Fund

27 Mar 2005

Chapter 3 of "The Aidspan Guide to Round 5 Applications to the Global Fund" discusses the strengths and weaknesses of applications submitted in Rounds 3 and 4. The list provided is based on an extensive analysis by Aidspan of comments made on those applications by the TRP.

The main strengths that the TRP has mentioned are as follows:


Deciding Whether to Consider Submitting a Non-CCM Proposal

27 Mar 2005

[The following is an excerpt from "The Aidspan Guide to Round 5 Applications to the Global Fund", available at www.aidspan.org/guides.]


Round 5 to Commence Soon

7 Mar 2005

The Fund will issue its Round 5 "Call for Proposals" on March 17, as previously reported. On that date the new Proposal Form and the accompanying Guidelines for Proposals will be published at the Fund's web site. Completed applications must be delivered to the Fund by June 10, and the board will make its decisions at the end of September.


Italy Restores its Pledge to the Global Fund

1 Feb 2005

Italy has decided that it will after all, although somewhat belatedly, pay its 2004 pledge of €100 million to the Global Fund. This means that the Fund can continue to state that no significant pledge to the Fund has ever been cancelled.


Release of "The Aidspan Guide to Building and Running an Effective CCM"

16 Dec 2004

Aidspan, publisher of Global Fund Observer, today released its 73-page "Aidspan Guide to Building and Running an Effective Country Coordinating Mechanism (CCM)." The Guide is available for download at no charge from www.aidspan.org/guides.


Contents of All Issues of Global Fund Observer

7 Dec 2004

This month marks the second anniversary of the launch of GFO. In this issue, we list the contents of all GFO issues thus far. An up-to-date version of this list can always be accessed via www.aidspan.org/gfo.