A Global Fund multi-country program in Southeast Asia helps countries SHIFT towards sustainable HIV financing

7 Mar 2018
SHIFT aims to respond to the changing HIV funding landscape

Global Fund grants to Thailand aim to strengthen services for key populations and support a successful transition

20 Feb 2018
These may be the final TB and HIV grants to Thailand

On 1 December 2017, acting on the recommendation of the Global Fund’s Grant Approvals Committee (GAC), the Board approved two grants emanating from Thailand’s 2017 Window 2 TB/HIV funding request. The Ministry of Health’s Department of Disease Control will serve as principal recipient (PR) for one grant, totaling $18.0 million.


Thailand’s transition triggers concerns for some, but others are more confident

3 Feb 2016
The concerns relate to services for key populations

Thailand has been hailed by The Global Fund as the golden example of a well-planned and well-managed transition. When Thailand submitted its TB/HIV concept note in June 2014, the country announced that this would be the last time it requested money from The Global Fund. The country indicated that it would transition in just two years, shorter than the standard three-year Global Fund grant cycle. This is an unusual situation.


Global Fund is Flexible With Countries Affected by Tsunami

1 Feb 2005

The Global Fund has informed Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Thailand and India, the four countries most seriously affected by the December 26 tsunami, that it is willing to be flexible in how their grants are implemented.


A Critical Review of New Funding Mechanisms

20 Sep 2004

[Excerpted and condensed, with permission of the author, from a July 12 keynote presentation at the opening plenary (on Access to Resources) at the International AIDS Conference in Bangkok.]


Global Fund Secretariat Country-by-Country Contact Information

20 Sep 2004

A common complaint overheard by GFO at the Global Fund Partnership Forum and the Bangkok International AIDS Conference in July was that people who have been excluded from their country's CCM process often do not know how to contact the Global Fund, and sometimes do not know how to contact their CCM.

Below are the relevant contacts at the Global Fund Secretariat for each country.


Full Support for Global Fund Is Critical in AIDS Fight

22 Aug 2004

At the 15th International AIDS Conference in Bangkok, Thailand, the influence of President Bush was felt in powerful ways, but not in a manner that would give hope and comfort to the 6 million people with AIDS throughout the world who are expected to die in the next two years without treatment.


Press Coverage of the Fund

16 Jul 2004
  • At least 400 articles in the English language press mentioned the Global Fund during the International AIDS Conference in Bangkok, including a variety of editorials and opinion pieces. Some focused on the Global Fund's progress (and, sometimes, lack of progress) in getting cash to implementing organizations. And several editorials and opinion pieces called for increased commitments to the Fund.

Financial Developments

16 Jul 2004
  • The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation yesterday announced a new pledge of $50 million for the Fund. This marks the third consecutive year in which Gates has given $50 million to the Fund. Although private foundations have a Global Fund board seat, no other foundation has ever given to the Fund, except for pro bono services and some very minor donations of a few thousand dollars.

International AIDS Conference Roundup

16 Jul 2004

The International AIDS Conference, which takes place every two years, ended today. Based this year in Bangkok, the conference was attended by 19,000 people. The Global Fund featured prominently. Thanks in large part to criticisms of President Bush's $15 billion PEPFAR initiative, the Fund was widely and somewhat simplistically portrayed by many as the knight on a shining white horse that could do no wrong.


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