Consolidated transformation plan


Former General Manager Reflects on His Time with the Fund

19 Jun 2013
Jaramillo says deficiencies in financial management at the Secretariat were underestimated
“Transformation has produced a more disciplined and effective Secretariat”

Gabriel Jaramillo, who was a member of the High-Level Panel and who served as the Global Fund’s General Manager from February 2012 to January 2013, has provided the Board with some reflections on his time working with the Fund.


A Critique of the Global Fund's Consolidated Transformation Plan

15 Dec 2011

In a bid to survive its suddenly increased difficulties in getting adequate funding, the Global Fund Board approved an extensive and far-reaching Comprehensive Transformation Plan (CTP) at its meeting in Accra, Ghana on 20-21 November 2011. The CTP seeks to strengthen oversight, risk management and fiduciary control measures throughout the Global Fund system, especially at country level.

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