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On the Role of NGOs

18 Feb 2003

[The following statement on "Strengthening Partnerships" was made at the January Board meeting by Milly Katana, board member representing South-NGOs, on behalf of the two NGO delegations and the Communities Living with HIV/TB/Malaria delegation.]

The issue of partnership has been raised here at the meeting on numerous occasions. And for good reason. It is at the core of our credo of "doing business differently".


A breakdown of the Round 2 grants

18 Feb 2003

The following data are obtained primarily from a Secretariat paper to the Board entitled "Report of the Secretariat and the Technical Review Panel on Round 2 Proposals" (Revision 1) and a Secretariat slide show entitled "Summary of Key Findings from Round Two", both dated January 2003.

Regional split of proposals received in Round 2:

(in dollars to be spent over 5 years; 100% = $5.1 b.)


NGO Delegates Report on the January Board Meeting

18 Feb 2003

Much the most popular feature at the Aidspan web site is the new section that lets you "drill down" from country totals to see hundreds of background documents related to all Round 2 grants - including the Executive Summary of every approved and rejected proposal. (See


US Leader Tommy Thompson Chosen to Chair Global Fund

31 Jan 2003

The Global Fund included the following in its press release of today:


Approved Grants, Alphabetically by Country

31 Jan 2003

The Global Fund Board today approved Round 2 grants as follows. Some countries received more than one grant. Most grants were in response to proposals from CCMs, but a few were in response to proposals from Sub-CCMs or from NGOs. This table shows the country totals, in alphabetical order.


Approved Grants, in Decreasing Order

31 Jan 2003

This table shows the same data, but in decreasing order of the amount approved for Years 1-2.


Interview questions for candidates

30 Jan 2003

Two likely candidates for Chair of the Global Fund emerged in the course of yesterday. One is Tommy Thompson, head of the US delegation and US Secretary of Health and Human Services. The other is Lennarth Hjelmåker, head of the Swedish delegation, Director of the Department for Global Development at Sweden's Ministry for Foreign Affairs, and Deputy Director General of SIDA. (As reported in Issue 4, Dr.


Global Fund Chair Kiyonga declines to stand for re-election tomorrow

28 Jan 2003

Dr. Chrispus Kiyonga, Chair of the Global Fund's Board, announced today, Tuesday, that he will not stand for re-election tomorrow.



23 Jan 2003

Following are brief excerpts from contributions to Postings Four to Six of the GFO Discussion Forum. The views expressed do not necessarily reflect those of GFO or Aidspan.


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