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Report Suggests New Executive Director Focus on Seven Key Tasks

26 Oct 2006

An independent working group convened by the US-based Center for Global Development has published a 43-page report recommending seven tasks that the new Executive Director of the Global Fund should focus on.

The board of the Global Fund will choose the new Executive Director on Tuesday, October 31, from a short-list of five people chosen by a board committee from among 334 candidates.


Proposal Approval Rate Improves in Round 6

24 Oct 2006

The Fund's Technical Review Panel (TRP) has completed its assessment of Round 6 proposals, and has recommended that the board approve 85 proposals costing $949 million over the first two years.  This represents 43% of eligible proposals, up from 31% in Round 5.


Shortlist Chosen for Global Fund Executive Director Position

24 Oct 2006

A committee of the Global Fund's board has chosen a shortlist of five people for consideration as the Fund's new Executive Director, to succeed Richard Feachem.  The final choice will be made by the full board on 31 October.

According to the Wall Street Journal plus various web sources, the five shortlisted candidates are, in alphabetical order, as follows:


Leading Candidates for Executive Director Position are Interviewed

19 Sep 2006

A subcommittee of the Global Fund's board this week interviewed about a dozen leading candidates for the position of Executive Director. The position became available when Richard Feachem, the current Executive Director, announced that he would not seek a renewal of his contract.


Over 300 Organizations Sign International Appeal for Global Fund Financing

24 Aug 2005

Over 300 organizations in 67 countries have signed the International Appeal for Full Funding of the Global Fund. This Appeal was launched two weeks ago by the three NGO board members of the Global Fund, backed by a coalition of NGOs in Europe, North America and Japan.


Fewer Round 5 Proposals Than Expected Are Recommended for Approval

24 Aug 2005

The Technical Review Panel (TRP) has completed its assessment of Round 5 proposals, and, according to the Global Fund Secretariat, has recommended proposals for board approval that will cost $726 million over the first two years. This is about three-quarters of the $1,000 million cost that was originally projected.


"Communities" Delegation Seeks Focal Point

28 Jul 2005

The Global Fund board delegation that represents "Communities Living with AIDS, TB and Malaria" is seeking a person to serve as Communications Focal Point. This position requires one quarter to one half of the chosen person's time, and is unpaid, through costs are paid for attending Global Fund board meetings.


The First Fifty "Phase 2 Renewals"

23 May 2005

The Global Fund has made its fiftieth decision regarding whether to approve a grant for extension beyond the first two years, known as "Phase 2 Renewal."


Committee Restructuring

24 Apr 2005

Most board decisions are made after the topic in question has been extensively discussed by a board committee, and the committee has made a recommendation to the board. The board has now decided to revise its committee structure. The four main committees that have existed in the past have been replaced with the following three committees:


Global Fund Inspector General

24 Apr 2005

As a result of pressure from the United States, the Board agreed to appoint an Inspector General. The role of the office of the inspector general will be to assess whether the Global Fund and its grant recipients are using the money in the ways intended.


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