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Third OIG audit of Global Fund grants to Ghana highlights ongoing issues in supply chain and data management

2 Apr 2019
Progress against malaria and improvements in community-level services noted

In the third audit of Global Fund grants to Ghana since 2012, the Office of the Inspector General has rated both implementation arrangements for oversight and coordination, and the systems, processes and controls on quality of services for the three diseases as needing significant improvement.


OIG investigation in Democratic Republic of Congo finds tender manipulation and overpricing in malaria grant

19 Mar 2019
Population Services International already paid over $7 million in estimated losses

Senior managers appointed by the Population Services International (PSI), the Principal Recipient (PR) for the Global Fund’s malaria grant in the Democratic Republic of Congo, were responsible for tender manipulation leading to “systemic and significant overpricing” of contracts for transportation, warehousing and customs clearance, resulting in an estimated loss to the Global Fund of $7,386,066.


OIG audits of Global Fund grants to Rwanda and Benin raise issues related to data availability and quality

19 Mar 2019
For grants in Rwanda, which follows a results-based financing model, availability of good and reliable data is especially critical

First OIG audit of Global Fund multicountry grants gives ‘partially effective’ ratings

26 Feb 2019
Processes, systems, governance and coordination among issues that need improvement

In the first-ever audit by the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) of the Global Fund’s multicountry grants, the OIG has praised their strategic repositioning for greater impact as well as some improvements in regional coordination on specific issues.


Global Fund’s Differentiation for Impact project only partially effective, OIG says

29 Jan 2019
“Significant improvement” needed in efforts to streamline oversight of small-allocation and low-disease-burden grants

Despite a 2016 strategic initiative to reallocate Secretariat staff for countries with smaller (Focused) portfolios to countries with larger (Core or High Impact) portfolios, and to reduce the administrative burden on Focused portfolios, “grant management processes and procedures in Focused portfolios remain largely the same” as for the larger portfolios.


Secretariat and OIG report steady progress on implementing Global Fund AMAs

6 Dec 2018
Overdue AMAs are at an all-time low since tracking began in 2014

Good progress has been made in implementing agreed management actions (AMAs), according to a progress report from the Secretariat and the Office of the Inspector General (OIG). The report was prepared for the Board meeting held on 14-15 November in Geneva.

The report presented data on the status of AMAs as of 31 August 2018. This article provides some of the report’s highlights.


OIG Investigation of key HIV behavioural survey in Guinea finds falsified data and costs

6 Dec 2018
Serious data quality and integrity issues also highlighted - reported HIV prevalence rates found to be lower than actual rates

In an investigation of a Global Fund HIV grant to Guinea, the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) has found that in 2015, a local NGO called SIDALERTE falsified survey data and survey costs, which misrepresented the programme’s progress.

The OIG’s investigation report was made public on 30 October 2018.


Global Fund grants achieving substantial impact while financial controls continue to improve, OIG says

15 Nov 2018
Report also identifies challenges in quality of services, finding missing TB cases and managing transitions

The Office of the Inspector General (OIG) says that its work to date in 2018 has found that “the Global Fund partnership has achieved substantial results across all three diseases, with material increases in particular in the coverage of services.”


Board Leadership welcomes the OIG review on Global Fund governance

6 Nov 2018
Several measures have been taken since the Governance Action Plan was developed in response to the review

In an article in GFO 344 published on 17 October 2018, we reported on the contents of the advisory review on governance conducted by the Office of the Inspector General (OIG). We also reported on measures in the Global Fund’s Governance Action Plan which was developed in response to the advisory review.


OIG reports material improvements in Global Fund procurement processes but challenges remain

16 Oct 2018
Limited oversight, compliance monitoring and performance management by Secretariat cited by OIG

The Global Fund has improved its controls, management and oversight of procurement processes at the Secretariat level, in response to issues identified in an audit of procurement and supply chain management carried out in 2015.


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