Le TERG loue les principes et les objectifs de la stratégie actuelle mais identifie plusieurs aspects à améliorer

18 Nov 2015
"L’Examen Stratégique 2015" rendu public

La Stratégie du Fonds mondial 2012-2016 demeure aussi valide que lorsqu’elle a été élaborée en 2011 et les mêmes principes et directions doivent continuer à guider le Fonds mondial ces prochaines années. C’est la conclusion principale de l’Examen Stratégique 2015 mené par le Groupe technique de référence en évaluation. Un rapport de cet examen a été fourni au Conseil d’administration durant la réunion des 16 et 17 novembre.


The TERG applauds the principles and directions of current strategy but identifies several areas requiring improvement

17 Nov 2015
“Strategic Review 2015” released

The Global Fund Strategy 2012-2016 remains as valid now as it was when it was developed in 2011 and its principles and directions should continue to guide the Fund in the coming years. This was a central conclusion of the Strategic Review 2015, carried out by the Technical Evaluation Reference Group. A report on the review was provided to the Board at its meeting on 16-17 November.


Burundi crisis demonstrates need for flexible health systems

10 Jul 2015
No stock-outs reported but extent of defaulting on treatment as yet unknown

Violent clashes between demonstrators and security forces in Burundi sent tens of thousands of people fleeing both inside and beyond the borders of the central African state. These displacements were only one consequence of the crisis in the capital that stretched the capacity of an already-strapped health system: demonstrating a need for flexibility in resourcing in so-called challenging operating environments.