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Issue 338: 04 July 2018

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1. NEWS: Global Fund reports steady progress in recovering outstanding amounts owing

By: David Garmaise

As of 31 December 2017, only 5% of total recoverable amounts related to OIG audits and investigations remained outstanding, according to a report prepared for the last Board meeting. This reflects an increase in recoveries and a decreasing trend in the number of new cases.


2. NEWS: Global Fund Board approves an additional $234 million in country grants

By: David Garmaise

In its latest round of grant approvals, the Global Fund Board approved 13 country grants worth $234.2 million. This was the ninth batch of approvals from the 2017-2019 allocations. Domestic commitments to the programs represented by the approved grants amounted to $902.5 million.


3. NEWS: OIG investigation in Zambia uncovers theft of health products from national medical stores between 2014 and 2016

By: Adèle Sulcas

Reports from Zambia’s government medical stores to the Secretariat in 2016 and 2017 of missing HIV test kits triggered an OIG investigation into the losses, uncovering large-scale theft of HIV, TB and malaria-related medical products. The OIG is seeking recovery of more than $1 million for the "unexplained losses".


4. REPORT: Secretariat releases report on slow uptake of Global Fund’s human rights complaints mechanism

By: Charlie Baran

In 2015, the OIG launched a human-rights complaint mechanism for violations alleged in the context of Global Fund-supported programs – but one year later, it had not been used to report a single complaint. The Global Fund wondered why, and has just published an independent report on the mechanism’s low uptake.


5. NEWS: Secretariat provides update on the Global Fund’s Governance Action Plan

By: David Garmaise

An update on the implementation of the Governance Action Plan has been provided by the Global Fund Secretariat. The Plan builds upon the recommendations of a 2016 advisory review by the Office of the Inspector General, and also incorporates observations from a 2016 assessment of Board and Board leadership performance and committee performance. The Plan aims to move beyond process to focus on broader structural issues.


6. NEWS and ANALYSIS: TRP identifies lessons learned from Window 4 funding requests

By: David Garmaise

In a presentation prepared for the most recent Board meeting, the Technical Review Panel identified key lessons learned from the funding requests submitted in Window 4. One of the lessons learned was that there is a need for greater prioritization within programs that have reduced funding. We provide a summary of the Panel’s observations.


7. NEWS: African organization of ‘supreme audit institutions’ and OIG collaborate to improve grant performance and oversight

By: Djesika Amendah

The Global Fund OIG and AFROSAI-E, the umbrella organization of English-speaking ‘supreme audit institutions’ in Africa, are collaborating in order to improve the oversight and performance of Global Fund grants in AFROSAI-E member countries. A new model of collaboration has been piloted in Zambia, with lessons learned since applied in two other country audits.


8. REPORT: Countries could improve data use to inform more effective grant implementation, Aidspan study finds

By: Ann Ithibu

A new report published by Aidspan suggests that countries may not be using data optimally to inform grant implementation. The study, which aimed to assess flows of grant information and measurement of grant performance, also suggests that the Global Fund offers countries the flexibility to select performance indicators that are in line with the countries’ own strategic plans as well as with the Global Fund’s objectives.


9. NEWS: Global Fund launches first photo contest targeting implementing partners

By: Adèle Sulcas

The Global Fund has launched its first photo contest for people involved in the implementation of a Global Fund-supported program anywhere in the world, to broaden and localize its network of photographers, and reduce costs.


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