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Issue 302: 19 December 2016

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1. NEWS: Global Fund releases information on the 2017-2019 allocations

The Secretariat has posted a spreadsheet on its website showing the 2017-2019 allocations. In this article, we provide some highlights.


2. NEWS: Countries receive allocation letters

In letters sent to countries by email on 15 December, the Global Fund provided countries with information on their allocations for 2017-2019. The letters include an indicative split for the three diseases – HIV, TB, and malaria. The Fund encourages programs to support resilient and sustainable systems for health; the funds for such programs will need to be carved out of the allocations for the diseases.


3. NEWS: The Global Fund launches its Prioritized Action Plan in efforts to enhance its risk management and project performance efforts

The Fund has identified 14 initiatives it seeks to enhance the effectiveness of by implementing its Prioritized Action Plan, or PAP. This article explains the PAP, what it monitors and assesses, and elaborates upon the purpose behind it.


4. NEWS: Board members discuss whether there should be changes to the Global Fund’s current business model in high-risk countries

Whether the Secretariat should have a presence in high-risk countries was one of the items discussed at the recent Board meeting in Montreux, Switzerland. This article provides a summary of a paper on the current business model prepared for the meeting.


5. NEWS: Deficiencies in national supply chains hinder Global Fund grants operations

Although national supply chain inefficiencies are resulting in a number of significant issues affecting Global Fund operations in-country, the Fund is aware of the problem and is working to resolve the issues. Such issues range from stock-outs and expirations of drugs and supplies, and to overstocking.


6. NEWS: Parameters for the qualitative adjustments for 2017-2019 allocations

In June 2016, the Strategy Committee determined the process to be used to make qualitative adjustments to the initial allocations derived from the application of the disease burden/income level formula. An article in GFO 301 described the two stages of the process: epidemiological considerations and holistic adjustment. In this article, we provide information on the parameters being used to make the adjustments.


7. NEWS: ICASO and the International HIV/AIDS Alliance have conducted six case studies of regional concept note development

In February 2016, a second window of Regional Concept Notes, or RCNs, were submitted to the Global Fund. As a result of this process, ICASO and the International HIV/AIDS Alliance conducted six case studies of the respective RCN development. This article highlights the report findings. 


8. NEWS and ANALYSIS: A comparative study of opioid substitution therapy protocols will contribute to the sustainability of harm reduction in the Eastern Europe and Central Asia region

This article provides information about how the research of the clinical protocols for opioid substitution therapy supported by the Global Fund, contributes towards sustainability of harm reduction programs in Eastern Europe and Central Asia.


9. NEWS and ANALYSIS: Low absorptive capacity of Global Fund grants and its implications for programming in countries

Work carried out by Dr. Abdhalah Ziraba of the African Population and Health Center- APHC, reveals country actions through Implementation Through Partnership-ITP, or the implementation of country roadmaps, are proving to be successful in addressing absorption bottlenecks and such efforts should be sustained and institutionalized in countries facing significant absorption challenges. 


10. COMMENTARY: Significant impacts exist as a result of Global Fund withdrawal from programs and service delivery in Bosnia and Herzegovina

This article, written by a team of Aidspan staff, gives insight into the situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina with regard to no longer having access to Global Fund money.


11. NEWS and ANALYSIS: An Equitable Access Initiative report presents alternatives to the use of income level classification in decisions on eligibility and resource prioritization

In its final report released last week, the Equitable Access Initiative recommended that a multi-criteria framework be used instead of World Bank income level classifications in policies affecting eligibility for funding and the allocation of resources. The recommendations apply to all donors, not just the Global Fund. 


12. NEWS: A message from the Board Chair of Aidspan, Dr James Deutsch

A holiday greeting from the Board Chair of Aidspan.


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