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Issue 301: 30 November 2016

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1. NEWS: Countries cannot roll over unused funds to their 2017-2019 allocations

A country that has unused funds in an existing grant when it reaches its termination date will not be able to carry these funds forward into its 2017-2019 allocations. Letters informing countries of their allocations are expected to go out in December. 


2. NEWS: Board approves $15 million for continuation of strategic investments in community, rights and gender over 2017-2019

The Global Fund Board recently approved $15 million for the continuation of strategic investments in community, rights and gender over 2017-2019. The new CRG Strategic Initiative will dedicate more funds towards technical assistance, build capacity of malaria and TB communities, and deepen linkages with other Strategic Initiatives and partner programs.


3. NEWS and ANALYSIS: EECA constituency: transition may threaten key populations in the region

This article provides information about the joint statement for the 26th Global Fund Board prepared by the EECA and EMR constituencies.


4. NEWS: The ED of the Global Fund reports on how the Fund intends to increase programmatic quality and efficiency

As reported in the last GFO 300, the report by the Executive Director of the Global Fund, Dr Mark Dybul stated there has been progress made on the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead in the fight to end the three diseases. In this article, further elaboration on how the Fund intends to achieve that goal, is given. 


5. NEWS: Progress made on implementing AMAs, though 17 remain long overdue

The Secretariat continues to make progress on implementing agreed management actions, although the Office of the Inspector General reports that as of 10 October 2016 there were 17 long overdue AMAs. This article provides information on reports to Board on AMAs submitted by the OIG and the Secretariat.


6. NEWS: Prospective country evaluations planned for eight countries

In 2017, the Technical Evaluation Reference Group plans to conduct evaluations in eight countries that will provide a detailed picture of the implementation, effectiveness, and impact of Global Fund–supported programs.This is part of the TERG work plan for 2017-2022.


7. NEWS: OIG seeks to address newly emerging themes which are cause for concern this year

Observations by the Office of the Inspector General in its Progress Report presented to the Board at it is meeting in Montreux, Switzerland, have identified emerging issues, or what it terms as themes, emerging from audit and investigation work so far this year, and which are presented here. 


8. NEWS and ANALYSIS: Outstanding recoverable balance related to OIG audits and investigations drops to $22.6 million

In a report to the Board, the Secretariat reported good progress in recovering amounts owing as a result of non-compliant expenditures identified by the Office of the Inspector General. 


9. NEWS: Description of qualitative adjustment process for 2017-2019 allocations

In June 2016, the Strategy Committee determined the process to be used to make qualitative adjustments to the initial allocations derived from the application of the disease burden/income level formula. This article describes the two stages of the process: epidemiological considerations and holistic adjustment. Information on the parameters used to make the adjustments will be provided in a separate article in GFO 302.


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