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Issue 300: 18 November 2016

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1. NEWS: Main decisions made at Board meeting

This article provides a summary of the main decisions made by the Global Fund Board at its meeting on 16-17 November 2016 in Montreux, Switzerland.


2. NEWS: $10.3 billion is available for the 2017-2019 allocations to countries

Although $12.9 billion was raised at the 5th Replenishment, the amount available for allocations to countries in 2017-2019 will be just $10.3 billion because of a series of adjustments that had to be made to the initial amount, such as Global Fund operating costs and currency modifications. One of the adjustments actually increased the amount available for the allocations: the addition of $1.1 billion in forecasted unutilized funds from the 2014-2016 allocations. The Developed Country NGO delegation issued a statement outlining some concerns and advancing some recommendations.


3. NEWS: Executive Director of Global Fund highlights efforts to increase impact in the fight against TB and MDR-TB

In his Report by the Executive Director of the Global Fund, Mark Dybul states there has been progress made on the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead in the fight to end HIV, tuberculosis and malaria as epidemics. His report highlights major developments, trends and topics discussed at the Global Fund Board Meeting in Montreaux, Switzerland on Novemmber 16-17. This article presents the refocused and renewed approaches the Global Fund is taking towards accelerating the fight against TB and MDR-TB. 


4. NEWS: KPI results for 2014-2016 show mostly strong results

The Board has been told that the Global Fund is on track to meet 10 of the 14 KPIs due for reporting this year, and that among those it is showing strong progress on achieving its strategic goals of saving lives and averting infections. The Fund is unlikely to meet its targets for measuring the quality and coverage of its services, and is still unable to effectively measure its Health System Strengthening activities.


5. NEWS: Catalytic investments: $800 million for matching funds, multi-country approaches, and strategic initiatives

The Global Fund Board has approved $800 million in catalytic investments: $356 million for matching funds, $272 million for multi-country approaches and $172 million for strategic initiatives. Matching funds will replace former incentive funding requests, making these investments more strategic. Funding for multi-country approaches and strategic initiatives will increase by nearly 50% compared to the 2014-2016 period. 


6. NEWS: Operating budget and workplan for 2017 approved

The Fund’s 2017 work plan and budget is approved and was presented at the 2016 Global Fund Board Meeting in Montreux, Switzerland. This article outlines the two new components that have been added to the Global Fund’s planning structures, the core and strategic objectives of the Fund in 2017 and the budget it will utilize to achieve them.


7. NEWS: Process launched for recruitment of next E.D.

The Board has formally launched the process to replace Dr Mark Dybul as Executive Director when his term expires on 31 May 2017. Dr Dybul has indicated that he does not wish to be considered for a second term.


8. NEWS: New criteria adopted for the review of funding requests by the TRP

Revised terms of reference for the Technical Review Panel, adopted by the Strategy Committee, include a new set of criteria for reviewing funding requests. In addition, 117 experts were added to the TRP reserve pool as a result of a recruitment drive.


9. NEWS: OIG highlights successes and challenges in meeting its operational objectives in 2016

Collaboration between government implementers and partners has improved in Pakistan, Tanzania, Nigeria, and Sudan. This is one of the observations in the Office of the Inspector General’s Progress Report presented to the Board at it is meeting this week in Montreux, Switzerland. 


10. NEWS: Africa constituencies identify strategic issues for the 36th Global Fund Board meeting

Two constituencies representing countries in West, Central, East and Southern Africa met over two days, from 31 October to 1 November 2016 in Kigali, Rwanda to prepare for the 36th Global Fund Board meeting. They discussed emerging issues concerning absorption capacity and current functioning of the CCMs.


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