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Issue 295: 07 September 2016

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1. NEWS and ANALYSIS: African heads of state adopt scorecard on domestic financing for health

The heads of state of the 54 African Union member states recently adopted the Africa Scorecard on Domestic Financing for Health. The Africa Scorecard provides a new health financing management tool for African governments to manage domestic health spending performance against key health financing benchmarks and against each other.


2. NEWS: Replenishment round-up: U.S. announces pledge of up to $4.3 billion; Kenya raises the bar in Africa; and Sweden restores its 2016 cut

There is just over a week left until the Global Funds Fifth Replenishment Conference. This articles provides a round-up of the latest developments. The U.S. has pledged up to $4.3 billion; in the last replenishment, it contributed $4.1 billion.


3. NEWS: Global Fund estimates that 20 million lives have been saved through programs the Fund supports

With just a week to go to its Fifth Replenishment Conference, the Global Fund has released more results. It estimates that programs the Fund has supported have already saved 20 million lives, and that this number should grow to 22 million by the end of 2016.


4. COMMENTARY: CCM performance appraisals and improvement plans still not being made public

Two items in the latest report of the Grant Approvals Committee remind us that there are still gaps in transparency at the Global Fund, David Garmaise says.


5. NEWS and ANALYSIS: Partners launch framework for action on UHC in Africa

A number of agencies have come together to launch UHC in Africa: A Framework for Africa. The Global Fund committed $9 billion, though this is not new money and it is contingent on the Fund reaching its $13 billion replenishment target.


6. ANALYSIS: Salary incentives still paid by the Global Fund, despite efforts to remove them

The Global Fund is working towards removing salary top-ups paid as incentives to workers who help implement its programs, but in some countries this has been more challenging than expected. The organisation wants the payments stopped as one way of getting national governments to take full ownership of their health systems. Finding a way of removing these payments without affecting programs implementation has not been easy.


7. NEWS: Global Fund reminds Ukraine of its commitment to take over the funding of MST

Ukraine stands to lose $27 million of its 2014-2016 allocation if it does not live up to its commitment to take over responsibility for funding methadone substitution therapy. The commitment was included as a condition in Ukraine’s TB/HIV grant agreements.


8. NEWS: Global Fund rolls out Strategic Actions for Gender Equality Initiative

From February 2016 to March 2017, the Global Fund is embarking on a Strategic Actions for Gender Equality Initiative. The initiative will lay the foundation for the Fund’s enhanced focus on gender equality in its 2017-2022 strategy.


9. NEWS: New website in EECA provides information in Russian related to Global Fund policies, funded programs, etc.

An innovative new website gives communities and their representatives access to more information about the Global Fund in Russian. Meanwhile, the Eurasian Harm Reduction Network has released a video on the ladder of citizen participation.


10. NEWS: Board approves another batch of NFM grants

The Global Fund Board has approved $205 million for 14 country and four regional grants. This article provides a breakdown. It also describes the domestic financing commitments from countries submitting disease-related concept notes.


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