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Адвокация повышения внутреннего финансирования в Украине имела успех

26 Oct 2016
Правительство Украины обязалось к изменениям, способным значительно улучшить качество и охват терапии АРВ, лечения МЛУ-ТБ, гепатита С и ОЗТ.

Адвокация повышения внутреннего финансирования под руководством ОГО и ОР, и подкрепленая условиями Глобального Фонда, поставленными перед правительством Украины, достигла  успеха. Сообщества, при поддержке Глобальным Фондом, оказались готовы сотрудничать с Министерством Здравоохранения.


EECA initiative is improving the continuum of HIV care across the region

19 Oct 2016
Regional consultation in Kiev made substantive step to make action plan evidence based, contextual and operational

The EECA region saw the launching of an initiative improving the effectiveness of HIV treatment. The initiative addresses the high HIV incidence, the maintaining of the HIV care cascade, which remains a problem in most EECA states. According to WHO data from 2014, 55% of HIV-positives are aware of their status, while only 71% of those who know their status are officially registered.


Global Fund Reports Significant Rise in People Receiving Services

1 Dec 2009

By 30 November 2009, programmes supported by the Global Fund were providing antiretroviral (ARV) treatment to 2.5 million people living with HIV, an increase of 25% compared to 2008. Global Fund-supported programmes were also providing directly observational therapy short course (DOTS) to 6.0 million people with TB, an increase of 30%; and had distributed 104 million insecticide-treated mosquito bed nets, an increase of 49%.


Important New Data Released Regarding People Needing ARV Treatment

17 Sep 2008

Until recently, there was no publicly available data regarding how many people within each country need ARV treatment, or regarding how many of those people are receiving it. (Such information was available at a global level but not at a country level.) This made it hard to determine which countries are most in need of "scaling up" regarding the provision of ARV treatment, through Global Fund support or otherwise.


Countries Most in Need of Scaling Up ARV Provision

17 Sep 2008

An analysis by GFO of data newly provided at (see previous article) shows that 62 of the 126 countries that are eligible to apply to the Global Fund (i.e. 48% of these countries) currently provide ARV treatment to less than 25% of those that need it, and/or have at least 25,000 people who need ARV treatment but are not receiving it.


Global Fund and PEPFAR Announce New Treatment Numbers

14 Dec 2006

The Global Fund and the US President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) announced on December 1, World AIDS Day, that between them they are now supporting antiretroviral treatment for 1.2 million people living with AIDS. This represents a three-fold increase in the total number of people receiving treatment in low- and middle-income countries since December 2003, and a doubling in the past year.


Global Fund Approves Fourth Round of Grants

30 Jun 2004

At its board meeting in Geneva on June 28-30, the Global Fund board approved 69 grants that will cost $968 million over the first two years and $2,912 million over five years. The successful proposals came from 50 countries. (For a complete list of approved and non-approved proposals, see "Analysis: Round Four Decisions," below.)

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