Global Fund Announces Fifth Call for Proposals

27 Mar 2005

The Global Fund announced its Fifth Call for Proposals on March 17, as agreed by the board last November.


"Phase 2 Renewal" Process Leads to Cancellation of a Global Fund Grant

7 Mar 2005

The Global Fund has informed Senegal that it will not renew a malaria grant that is approaching the end of its second year, because of "systemic issues that resulted in poor performance." This is the first Global Fund grant to be terminated by the Fund after two years rather than being renewed for Years 3 through 5.


Weak Donor Support May Result in a Shrinking Global Fund

18 Oct 2004

The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB and Malaria has demonstrated great momentum by launching four funding rounds in just over two years. But despite the recommendations of the Partnership Forum in July, where participants expressed strong support for a launch of Round 5 by early 2005, there now appears to be a reduction of support from several donors, many of whom do not support the launching of a new round in the coming months.


A Critical Review of New Funding Mechanisms

20 Sep 2004

[Excerpted and condensed, with permission of the author, from a July 12 keynote presentation at the opening plenary (on Access to Resources) at the International AIDS Conference in Bangkok.]


Press Coverage of the Fund

16 Jul 2004
  • At least 400 articles in the English language press mentioned the Global Fund during the International AIDS Conference in Bangkok, including a variety of editorials and opinion pieces. Some focused on the Global Fund's progress (and, sometimes, lack of progress) in getting cash to implementing organizations. And several editorials and opinion pieces called for increased commitments to the Fund.

Fund Releases Progress Report

16 Jul 2004

As part of its increasing emphasis on transparency, the Fund has released a study of the effectiveness of the 25 grants that have been in operation for more than one year. (An additional 135 grants have been operating for less than a year, and 140 grants have been approved but have not yet commenced operations.)


Board Decisions Regarding Proposals and Grants

1 Jul 2004
  1. Round 4 approved

The board approved all Round 4 grants that the TRP recommended. Full details on these are provided in GFO Issue 27, available at


Round Four Decisions

30 Jun 2004

The following table lists all countries that were eligible to apply for Round Four Global Fund grants. For each country, the table shows the applicant, the component for which a Round 4 grant was requested, the decision that the board made at its June 28-30 meeting, and whether the country is eligible for appeal. Also shown are eligible multi-country applications.


Unity in Civil Society - Lessons from Kenya

7 Jun 2004

Even among sub-Saharan nations, Kenya has been hard hit by disease - AIDS has left up to 1.5 million dead; TB cases have quintupled in the past decade; and malaria kills some 26,000 children annually. So for Kenya, the Global Fund could have been a magic bullet. Instead, this country's approach to the Fund has produced a string of disappointments.


Recommended Country-by-Country Donations to the Global Fund

21 May 2004

[Note: The following report was published today by Aidspan, the NGO that produces GFO. The version as reprinted here does not include the detailed tables of data that are contained in two appendices. Footnotes, in square brackets, have been moved to the end.


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