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Among Window 2 applicants, Kenya submitted a full review TB/HIV funding request to the Global Fund for $421.9 million. The funding request is strongly geared towards scaling up HIV prevention among sex workers, men who have sex with men, and people who inject drugs. It also prioritizes innovative TB case finding activities, especially at the community level. 


The Kyrgyzstan country coordinating mechanism has submitted a program continuation funding request to the Global Fund. There is little information in the request on the program that the CCM is proposing, and almost no information on what changes will be made to the program to reflect the fact that Kyrgyzstan’s allocation has been significantly reduced compared to 2014-2016. 


On 23 May 2017, Mozambique submitted a full review TB/HIV funding request for $513.1 million. The country is one of the Global Fund’s largest investment portfolios, with the fourth largest disease allocation and the third largest catalytic funding opportunity. The funding request proposes a significantly scaled-up key populations program, to be implemented by two new civil society principal recipients.  


Through an advertisement on the online Jobs Board of the newsmagazine The Economist, the Global Fund is soliciting applications for the position of executive director. The closing date is 21 July 2017. 


In a report on its audit of grants to Haiti, the Office of the Inspector General said that the Secretariat and the principal recipient have designed financial assurance and implementation arrangements to ensure efficient and effective use of grant funds. However, the OIG stated, there are inadequacies in the way programs are assessed and in related capacity building. Together with other factors such as delayed signing of sub-recipient contracts, the OIG said, this “may have contributed to low programmatic performance in the first year of grant implementation.” 


Aidspan has obtained draft HIV and TB funding requests from six African countries classified by the Global Fund as challenging operating environments (Eritrea, Liberia, Guinea, Central African Republic, South Sudan and Somalia). Civil wars, famines and post-Ebola realities require flexible approaches in these countries. A number of innovative and adaptive interventions are prioritized to respond to the diseases in such difficult circumstances.   


Although there have been important achievements in managing risk, significant gaps remain, according to a report by the Office of the Inspector General on an audit it conducted of the Global Fund’s risk management practices. The audit identified weaknesses in oversight and accountability at Board and senior management levels.


The Global Fund has issued two requests for proposals related to improving the engagement of civil society and communities in Fund programs and processes.