Aidspan launches survey of conflict of interest within country coordination mechanisms

21 Jan 2014

Aidspan is pleased to launch a research paper (available here) highlighting some of the main areas of conflict of interest within country coordination mechanisms that can compromise the process of principal recipient selection or grant implementation.

The survey of 33 CCM members from seven countries will serve as a baseline from which future examinations about the extent of conflict of interest within CCMs will be derived.

Principal concerns about COI relate to representation within the CCM architecture of those who receive Global Fund money; others concern what survey respondents considered to be a dominating presence of government representatives, technical partners and multinational bodies within the CCM.

The paper, Conflict of Interest in Country Coordinating Mechanisms: An Aidspan Survey, was co-authored by David Garmaise, Aidspan senior analyst, Arnold Wafula, Kerstin Reisdorf and Angela Kageni, Aidspan senior programme officer for outreach.

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