Aidspan White Paper: Providing Improved Technical Support to Enhance the Effectiveness of Global Fund Grants

Date Published: 
Fri, 2008-03-28
White Paper
This Aidspan white paper tackles two linked questions: What problems arise in the provision of adequate, timely, appropriate and effective Technical Support (TS) to projects financed by the Global Fund? And what can be done about these problems? These issues were discussed at the first "Global Fund Round Table", organized in 2007 by Aidspan. The meeting consisted of a private "conversation" between twenty leaders representing government, civil society and multilateral agencies. Participants agreed that Aidspan would produce this white paper, based in large part on problems that were discussed at the Round Table, and including recommendations generated before and after the Round Table by Aidspan and others. The white paper discusses three main problem areas: TS needs are usually identified and met too late in the Global Fund grant cycle. TS that is provided often does not meet grantee needs. In particular, it usually does not build local capacity. TS is under-funded, and GF partners do not collaborate sufficiently regarding TS provision. This white paper is available in English only.
Aidspan Analysts