What We Do

Aidspan's Role as Watchdog. Building on its extensive links at all levels and in all parts of the world, Aidspan assesses and constructively comments on the extent to which the Global Fund's Board, Secretariat and grant recipients are being effective and are living up to the Fund's founding principles. Aidspan does so through publishing  information, analysis and advice; through facilitating critical debate; and through promoting greater transparency, accountability, effectiveness and impact.

Aidspan’s strategic plan, annual plans and annual reports are available under key documents.
Aidspan’s work falls into three main programme areas: Editorial, Outreach and Research.
The Editorial Department publishes Global Fund Observer (GFO), an email-based newsletter currently received by nearly 10,000 subscribers in 170 countries. GFO contains news, analysis and commentary articles about the activities of the Global Fund at the global and local level. The department also produces GFO Live, an online version of the newsletter, and manages other services on the Aidspan website where Global Fund–related information is provided. In addition, the Editorial Department produces a series of guides and reports to assist Global Fund applicants and implementers. Finally, the department manages Aidspan’s social media activities.
The Outreach Department focuses on  Global Fund–related activities in countries where the Fund’s grants are implemented. The department manages a “local watchdog project” designed to identify and mentor organisations and individuals interested in monitoring the activities of the Global Fund and its local partners (e.g., country coordinating mechanism, principal recipients, sub-recipients, local fund agent). The Outreach Department also manages projects designed to improve the performance of CCMs, to improve the accountability of Global Fund grants, and to promote networking and the sharing of information.
The Research Department undertakes and publishes research on the workings of the Global Fund and its grant implementers. This includes researching and critiquing the policies, actions, transparency, accountability, impact and effectiveness of the Global Fund Secretariat and Board, and of country coordinating mechanisms and grant implementers. The Research Department also summarises and critiques Global Fund–related research that has been carried out by others.