Grants by Country

The information provided here is based entirely on data obtained from the Global Fund, most of which is on the Fund's website. The Aidspan web server checks every three hours for possible new data at the Fund's website.

Every few months, the Global Fund assigns each grant a rating that measures the performance of that grant over the past few months. These ratings are A1 (“Exceeds expectations”), A2 (“Meets expectations”), B1 (“Adequate”), B2 (“Inadequate but potential demonstrated”) or C (“Unacceptable”). In the map below, we show the average rating assigned by the Global Fund since January 2010 for grants to each country. Where a country has had fewer than four ratings assigned, no average rating is shown.

Countries of the world, showing average Global Fund rating since January 2010.
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* Countries in white are not Global Fund grant implementers.
CountryTotal agreement amountTotal disbursed to dateRatings since Jan 2010
Afghanistan$148 m.$127 m.119B1B2
Albania$7 m.$7 m.22A2A2
Algeria$7 m.$7 m.0n/an/a
Angola$211 m.$184 m.44B1B1
Argentina$29 m.$29 m.5B1B1
Armenia$52 m.$47 m.98B1A1
Azerbaijan$91 m.$77 m.62A2A2
Bangladesh$366 m.$308 m.146A2A1
Belarus$93 m.$85 m.39A2A1
Belize$8 m.$6 m.11B1A1
Benin$263 m.$196 m.79B1Non
Bhutan$11 m.$11 m.63B1A2
Bolivia (Plurinational State)$68 m.$62 m.48A2B1
Bosnia and Herzegovina$61 m.$55 m.33A2B1
Botswana$17 m.$17 m.22B1Non
Brazil$39 m.$39 m.42B1B1
Bulgaria$78 m.$72 m.42B1B1
Burkina Faso$329 m.$275 m.109B1Non
Burundi$262 m.$189 m.73B1B1
Cambodia$454 m.$368 m.126B1B1
Cameroon$323 m.$272 m.67B1C
Cape Verde$11 m.$10 m.31B1Non
Central African Republic$112 m.$94 m.88B2B2
Chad$165 m.$132 m.134B2N/A
Chile$29 m.$29 m.0n/an/a
China$815 m.$802 m.62B1A1
Colombia$91 m.$72 m.55B1A2
Comoros$20 m.$16 m.33B1A1
Congo$88 m.$58 m.61B2B1
Congo (Democratic Republic)$963 m.$813 m.135B2A2
Costa Rica$4 m.$4 m.0n/an/a
Côte d'Ivoire$439 m.$282 m.121B2C
Croatia$5 m.$5 m.0n/an/a
Cuba$88 m.$86 m.60A2B1
Djibouti$32 m.$28 m.64B2B2
Dominican Republic$159 m.$139 m.118A2A2
Ecuador$68 m.$54 m.118B1B2
Egypt$31 m.$22 m.51B1B1
El Salvador$94 m.$75 m.65A2A1
Equatorial Guinea$31 m.$31 m.8B1B1
Eritrea$219 m.$186 m.82B1B1
Estonia$11 m.$11 m.0n/an/a
Ethiopia$1,685 m.$1,599 m.93B1B1
Fiji$9 m.$9 m.21A2B1
Gabon$30 m.$32 m.12B2N/A
Gambia$138 m.$121 m.104B1Non
Georgia$125 m.$92 m.54B1Non
Ghana$638 m.$506 m.122B1Non
Guatemala$145 m.$119 m.76B1B1
Guinea$115 m.$79 m.56B2Non
Guinea-Bissau$85 m.$68 m.63B1Non
Guyana$52 m.$39 m.68B1Non
Haiti$289 m.$272 m.53B1A2
Honduras$113 m.$104 m.66A2B1
India$1,694 m.$1,370 m.172B1B1
Indonesia$693 m.$568 m.174A2B1
Iran (Islamic Republic)$90 m.$80 m.43A2A1
Iraq$37 m.$34 m.21B1A2
Jamaica$70 m.$66 m.19A2A1
Jordan$13 m.$12 m.24B1B1
Kazakhstan$122 m.$112 m.46A2B1
Kenya$897 m.$566 m.83A2A1
Korea (Democratic Peoples Republic)$69 m.$58 m.48A2A1
Kosovo$13 m.$13 m.24B1Non
Kyrgyzstan$98 m.$91 m.63A2A2
Lao (Peoples Democratic Republic)$130 m.$117 m.98B1A2
Lesotho$193 m.$147 m.70B2A1
Liberia$220 m.$140 m.93B1N/A
Lutheran World Federation$1 m.$1 m.0n/an/a
Macedonia (Former Yugoslav Republic)$30 m.$26 m.28A2Non
Madagascar$290 m.$248 m.114B1B2
Malawi$889 m.$621 m.80B1Non
Malaysia$11 m.$8 m.10B1B1
Maldives$4 m.$49 m.15B1Non
Mali$266 m.$159 m.35B2Non
Mauritania$21 m.$18 m.37B2B2
Mauritius$10 m.$9 m.26A2A2
Mexico$36 m.$36 m.13B1B1
Moldova$87 m.$86 m.69A2A2
Mongolia$49 m.$42 m.45A2A1
Montenegro$11 m.$9 m.18A2A1
Morocco$59 m.$59 m.44B1A2
Mozambique$690 m.$380 m.51B1A1
Multicountry Africa (RMCC)$35 m.$35 m.2B2Non
Multicountry Africa (SADC)$15 m.$7 m.15A2C
Multicountry Africa (West Africa Corridor Program)$36 m.$33 m.17B1B1
Multicountry Americas (Andean)$24 m.$24 m.6A2A2
Multicountry Americas (CARICOM / PANCAP)$36 m.$31 m.13A1A1
Multicountry Americas (COPRECOS)$14 m.$12 m.11B1B2
Multicountry Americas (CRN+)$3 m.$3 m.0n/an/a
Multicountry Americas (Meso)$7 m.$6 m.5A1A1
Multicountry Americas (OECS)$8 m.$8 m.2B1B1
Multicountry Americas (REDCA+)$9 m.$8 m.14A1A1
Multicountry Americas (REDTRASEX)$11 m.$5 m.5A2A2
Multicountry East Asia And Pacific (APN+)$3 m.$2 m.8A1A2
Multicountry East Asia And Pacific (ISEAN-HIVOS)$10 m.$6 m.11A2B1
Multicountry East Asia and Pacific (RAI)$100 m.$28 m.0n/an/a
Multicountry Eastern Europe - Central Asia (EHRN)$6 m.$3 m.0n/an/a
Multicountry Middle East - North Africa (MENAHRA)$7 m.$4 m.13B1B1
Multicountry South Asia$25 m.$12 m.12B2N/A
Multicountry Western Pacific$86 m.$73 m.42B1B2
Myanmar$433 m.$225 m.78B1A1
Namibia$318 m.$211 m.66B1A2
Nepal$153 m.$123 m.95B1Non
Nicaragua$81 m.$70 m.57B1B1
Niger$148 m.$118 m.73B2Non
Nigeria$1,506 m.$1,196 m.223B1B1
Pakistan$309 m.$220 m.146B1B2
Palestine$12 m.$11 m.41B1A2
Panama$6 m.$5 m.5B1Non
Papua New Guinea$187 m.$161 m.108B1Non
Paraguay$46 m.$41 m.51A2A2
Peru$146 m.$141 m.70A2A1
Philippines$288 m.$228 m.60A2B1
Romania$69 m.$72 m.20A2Non
Russian Federation$382 m.$382 m.61A2A2
Rwanda$1,018 m.$894 m.62B1A2
Sao Tome and Principe$22 m.$15 m.36B1B1
Senegal$251 m.$192 m.99B1B2
Serbia$41 m.$41 m.71A2B1
Sierra Leone$211 m.$145 m.83B2B2
Solomon Islands$7 m.$4 m.12B1B2
Somalia$220 m.$179 m.53B1Non
South Africa$743 m.$491 m.63B1Non
South Sudan$289 m.$265 m.76A2B1
Sri Lanka$78 m.$57 m.85B2Non
Sudan$377 m.$360 m.68B1A2
Suriname$21 m.$25 m.59B1B1
Swaziland$201 m.$167 m.84B1B1
Syrian Arab Republic$11 m.$8 m.42B1B2
Tajikistan$149 m.$129 m.60B1A2
Tanzania (United Republic)$1,521 m.$1,146 m.91B1A2
Thailand$449 m.$398 m.114A2B1
Timor-Leste$50 m.$41 m.69B1B1
Togo$237 m.$169 m.81B1B2
Tunisia$24 m.$25 m.44A2A2
Turkey$3 m.$3 m.0n/an/a
Turkmenistan$16 m.$15 m.12A2B1
Uganda$566 m.$506 m.84B2B1
Ukraine$452 m.$373 m.57A2N/A
Uruguay$4 m.$3 m.10B2B1
Uzbekistan$138 m.$107 m.54B1B1
Viet Nam$343 m.$246 m.88A2N/A
Yemen$77 m.$65 m.53B1B2
Zambia$847 m.$751 m.89B1B1
Zanzibar$26 m.$22 m.18B2B1
Zimbabwe$858 m.$708 m.98A2A1
ALL COUNTRIES$30,376 m.$24,599 m.8,556