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The goal of the Georgia Transition Plan is to ensure a smooth transitioning to full domestic funding of its HIV and TB programs by 2022 without compromising services. However, the plan does not specify which services the government is taking over or when.


The Global Fund has announced how it plans to allocate the $260 million in the 2017-2019 allocations set aside for multi-country approaches. The Fund has identified the strategic priority areas and will use a combination of pre-identified applicants and competitive applications to develop one or more initiatives in each area. 


The Office of the Inspector General has rated the Global Fund’s grants to the Republic of South Africa as in need of significant improvement. According to the July 2017 audit, implementation has at times varied from the original concept note, experienced delays, and been hampered by coordination challenges. The country coordinating mechanism and the Global Fund Secretariat have agreed on a number of actions to mitigate risk and accelerate results going forward.


An audit by the Office of the Inspector General into the planning and management of consultants finds that the Global Fund is making good progress, particularly in the last year and half. The use of consultants, as a percentage of total staff costs, has been reduced from 35% in 2015 to 19% in 2016. 


Global Fund Observer offers a focused profile of Unitaid, an organization that has deep synergies with the Global Fund. There are good reasons for Global Fund stakeholders – particularly those involved with funding request development and implementation planning – to be aware of how Unitaid works and what that can mean for HIV, TB and malaria programs at country level. 


The Global Fund continues to show impressive gains with respect to the number of people receiving key services as a result of programs supported by the Fund. Some of the gains reflect increased uptake of services, while others are the result of better reporting.


A thematic review of fraud reporting by four international NGOs conducted by the Office of the Inspector General has concluded that all four have strong anti-fraud policies and procedures in place. The OIG said that there were only a few examples of under-reporting, which have since been rectified through the implementation of improved procedures.


This article provides short summaries of recent announcements regarding HIV.