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Latest GFO Live articles

January 2020

This edition’s ‘Of Interest’ focuses on the new partnership agreement between the Agence Francaise du Développement and the Global Fund on health systems in West and Central Africa, the Global Fund’s e-learning materials now available to assist applicants for 2020-2022 funding, and the Global Fund’s call for...

15 Jan 2020

In the Office of the Inspector General’s second country audit of Indonesia, shortcomings in HIV program design, in particular, were emphasized as needing major improvement if the country is to reach its 2020 program targets. Some TB program-related issues were also identified. Major improvements noted by the OIG...

14 Jan 2020

The Global Fund Board has approved funding for another batch of interventions from the Register of Unfunded Quality Demand. These awards allow the Fund to fill gaps in services in countries whose original requests for funding from the 2017-2019 allocations did not cover all of their immediate needs. These...

14 Jan 2020

The Global Fund included five new upper-middle income countries in its 2020 eligibility list, while excluding Albania, Palau, and Panama, which were eligible in the 2017–2019 period. The new countries are Fiji, Nauru, North Macedonia, Russian Federation, and Venezuela. In the 2020 list, the malaria components for...

14 Jan 2020

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