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The Aidspan Board has announced the appointment of Ida Hakizinka as its new Executive Director. She has many years of experience with The Global Fund, including 13 years as Permanent Secretary of the Rwandan country coordinating mechanism and a stint as communications focal point for the Eastern and Southern Africa delegation to the Global Fund Board. 


The new key performance indicator framework for monitoring results consists of a three-tiered system, with strategic indicators as the top tier.


The top tier of The Global Fund’s new strategic KPI framework contains 12 strategic indicators. This article provides details.


Some of the key thrusts of the new Strategy adopted by The Global Fund Board respond directly to priorities identified by the Africa constituencies of the Fund, says Danielle Doughman. “The Strategy allows The Global Fund to maintain its role as a transformative force and a global agent of change,” she says.


The U.N. political declaration contained some bold goals for ending AIDS. However, the decision to to include only limited references to key populations was widely condemned. This decision contrasted sharply with recent moves by The Global Fund and the U.S. President’s Plan for AIDS Relief to scale up coverage of key populations.


The country coordinating mechanism in Georgia has set up a policy, advisory, and advocacy council to assist with the transition away from Global Fund financing. The council is currently reviewing the outline of a transition plan.


In June 2016, the Global Fund approved $179 million in funding for 13 country grants, of which $80 million represented new money. Lesotho and Nepal received the largest awards. An additional $3.2 million was awarded to a regional grant in Central America.


Because the country coordinating mechanism in Nepal was deemed ineligible in 2015, the recent requests for funding were submitted by the principal recipient, Save the Children Federation.


This article provides an update on the status of the 15 regional concept notes submitted in Wave 2. We acknowledge an error in an article on this topic in GFO 289. 


The African Constituency Bureau of the Global Fund is seeking applications for the position of Executive Director.