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Papua New Guinea has signed a $14.2 million grant with the Global Fund under the new funding model that emphasizes outreach and targeted prevention messages for key populations, as well as continuing service delivery to the estimated 30,000 people taking ARVs in the country. There are concerns in the country, especially among service providers, however, that the emphasis on key populations may detract from existing programs that target the general populations – where the HIV epidemic is currently strongest.


The Kenya Coordinating Mechanism will reprogram funds under existing grants to respond more strategically to priorities identified in the revised National Malaria Strategic Plan 2014-2018.


The Global Fund will release three concept note attachments following a request from Aidspan to increase access to documents related to the concept notes and the ensuing grants. In a commentary attached to this article, Aidspan welcomes the decision to release the concept note attachments but says that the Fund needs to go further.


Selection of sub-recipients for Russia’s HIV grant is expected to conclude in June following a series of oversight visits and consultations carried out by the Open Health Institute: the principal recipient of the grant and the first PR to be contracted under the full application of the Global Fund’s NGO rule.


Hoping to seize on momentum begun in Bangladesh in November 2013 with the decision to recognize a third gender on official documents, the Global Fund-supported Multi-Country South Asia HIV Program is working with national human rights institutions alongside civil society to improve the promotion and protection of human rights for sexual minorities.


Despite continued concerns about Malawi’s ability to absorb grant funds, the country will receive an additional $37 million in incentive funding to support its HIV program, bringing the total allocation under the new funding model for this central African nation for all three diseases and health systems strengthening to more than $611 million.


Stakeholders from around the world are being encouraged to add their voices, lessons learned and challenges to a global consultation carried out virtually by the Stop TB Partnership to inform the development of its strategic plan for 2016-2020.


Aidspan has made public its open data platform, the Aidspan Portal Workbench, which provides extensive data on the Global Fund’s grant portfolio data in a user-friendly way.