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The Board’s next executive director will be selected on the first day of a Board Retreat scheduled for 27-28 February 2017. He or she will replace Dr Mark Dybul, whose term ends on 31 May.


Seven months after it was approached, the Global Fund rejected a plea for help from the Venezuelan Network of Positive People. The Fund now says that it is seeking to provide some assistance via other agencies. This is a story that is still unfolding.


Among major multilateral health financing mechanisms, there is notable overlap of objectives, recipients and donors. In the context of major shifts in the tone of international engagement among big health and aid donors, such as the U.S. and U.K., Aidspan reviews some of the top-level commonalities of the Global Fund, the Global Financing Facility, Gavi and Unitaid.


Grants from the 2017-2019 allocation period will assist at least 17 components from 13 countries to transition away from Global Fund support. Twelve components will receive what the Fund calls “transition funding” directly.


This article considers concerns among HIV prevention advocates that the Global Fund does not provide detailed data on its expenditures for HIV prevention activities.


Funding from the 2014-2016 allocation has been awarded to both country and regional applicants. In addition, funding was awarded for shortened grants and early applicants; and for initiatives on the Unfunded Quality Demand register.


Among the funding approved in December from the 2014-2016 allocations, six grants from five countries received $41 million. This article provides additional information on some of the awards.


The funding announced by the Board in December included $23 million for five regional programs.


Friends of the Global Fight Against AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria has published an issues brief that makes the case for the U.S. continuing to invest in global health generally, and in the Global Fund.


We correct some errors made in an article on investments in adolescent girls and young women (AGYW) in GFO #304.